Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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15 Mar 2019 10:13

I think most registration plates are valid for 5 years - so you'd wait for like 2 years before they become commonplace (more than 50% of vehicles using the new registration plate format).

So probably on the 3rd ProMods update after this...

Anyway, on mapping :
I like to see the new highways being made through the area. They have to traverse difficult terrains, but it looks amazing.

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18 Mar 2019 18:20

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18 Mar 2019 18:45

I think the ProMods team definitely had some inside knowledge of this, considering how 'quiet' this thread has been.

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18 Mar 2019 20:34

Congratulations to all Bulgarians as finally the oldest country in Europe that never changed it's name is going to appear!

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