Development on version 2.x (Poland Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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22 May 2019 00:23

I don't know why that section was a teaspoon construction. :lol: That section is finally open. The day will come when I can go on that highway in the next version, right? :)

Tip: The teaspoon construction is a coined word derived from the sarcasm that the construction is likely to look slow like a teaspoon. Formally speaking, teaspoon construction is delayed construction and is frequently used among the transportation mania(railfan, busfan and roadfan and so on) of Korea.
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22 May 2019 23:13

Excellent Images of Suwatki! As always, Promods delivering high quality work !!! And I want to take this message to incorporate suggestions for the future of Promods: Alta, in Norway, Kristiansund (north of Bergen), Tromso, Norway, Nusfjord, also in Norway, Bodo, just to name the most relevant. I promise that in some next posting in a few months add more suggestions. Of course, we may not see them before the following year. And the official Promods phrase is always in force: "It will be ready when it is"

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23 May 2019 00:27

Thank you guys for such great comments, and I hope you will enjoy this relatively small, but important change in the region.
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10 Jun 2019 20:58

any news?

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10 Jun 2019 20:58

They'll get posted when the developers have something to post. No need to ask.
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14 Jun 2019 01:53

Do you have plans rebuild Rzeszów and Przemyśl area? it's not realistic
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14 Jun 2019 15:19

they will rebuild whole Poland (which was created by PR team), as they had mentioned that in earlier blog post, but it takes a lot of efford and time. I believe they will make it really realistic.
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16 Jun 2019 01:24

A może by takie znaki zapodać nad bramownicami autostrady A2 ? ;)

english: Perhaps such signs would lead over the A2 motorway gates? ;)
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16 Jun 2019 12:28

Adding ViaTOLL signs would require editing toll prefabs, which won't be an easy task.
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26 Jul 2019 23:04

No questions, just want to say how well working and good looking the ProMods 2.41 Poland is. Also loaded a Poland bus video to the Share the love / fan video section of the forum. I have admired ProMods Poland a long time, but now DX11 makes it run so incredibly smooth, even better now. Have a nice day Poland team and everybody else of course, my virtual driver fellows!

Added in 13 minutes 23 seconds:

Another maybe even better Promods Poland bus video. Fanpost to Promods Poland team.
🧡Thank you for your exceptionally enjoyable map, Promods Poland team🧡
... ... ( was not sure if I may post a video here, just delete it if my post is against some rules, ok ? )
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