Development on version 2.x (Finland Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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11 Jul 2019 15:00

I have a few additions to those ideas that LAFAYET47 told us. So these roads would be great to see also.

Vt 6 (Loviisa-Joensuu part, Lappeenranta and Imatra would be great cities along this road)
Vt 14 (Juva-Parikkala, Savonlinna is the main city along this road, and 71 would be great road as well)

And if Promods makes full 5&6 routes, Vt 20 and Vt 22 would be great west-east connection routes.

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16 Jul 2019 03:00

Totally agree with Neva!
id777 ;)

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16 Jul 2019 10:54

Thanks for good feedback!

I forgot to write some of my ideas in Southern Finland. Hämeenlinna would be great to see again in PM. Hanko would be a great harbor town also. And Turku-Tuulos road (Vt 10) would be nice to see.

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17 Jul 2019 12:40

Who ever is developing Finland -map. Please, please, please start using same google service as Northern Scandinavia -devs. Makes my autistic mind more calm to actually see future plans and current development in one picture.

example: ... 237953&z=5

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05 Aug 2019 22:39

And I would also have a few ideas.......

( E63 Could you make it to the end because it has Kajaani and Kuusamo and these cities are big and great and it would be great to drive the eastern passage to northern Finland)
(Could you do Rauma. Rauma is located at the end of 12 roads and along the E8)
(And can you make the E8 all the way to the end)
(And the last road idea. Make a road to Seinäjoki.)

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21 Sep 2019 17:29

Greetings to you, dear friends. I'd like to share my personal suggestion for a possible modification-addition in the Finland map. My suggestion, however, focuses on a portion of the E75 road (Valtatie 4 - Rovaniementie) that would aim to bring a touch of realism to the route that, in the suggested case, proceeds towards Sodankylä coming from Rovaniemi.

I really went on this road on my road trip to Nordkapp a couple of years ago, and i was pleasantly struck by this piece of road that suddenly turns into a 4-lane road, but extends on a very wide asphalt portion, which apparently would appear to be an abandoned landing strip. Doing some research, i found that it's actually an emergency landing strip (Lentokoneiden varalaskupaikka) included in a network of other similar landing strips, and that its construction was commissioned following the renewal of the Finland defense forces, and some of these are actually used by Finnish aviation for flight exercises when the road is closed to traffic. I find that the addition of this patch of road can become a gem for the map as it has a historical military value and that, given the size of the construction, it cannot go unnoticed. In the "Beyond the Baltic Sea" DLC are represented a lot of war memorials which really exists in Russia, i wonder why the landing strips converted for land transport shouldn't be represented the same way.

Here are the coordinates :


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21 Sep 2019 21:39

In 2017 i was also in Finland and saw plenty of these Landing strips. I agree with n34s that those Landing strips would make a fine Addition to the map

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21 Sep 2019 22:31

Thank you for sharing this novelty, I don't think our developer(s) were aware
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23 Sep 2019 20:39

You could land a 747 there I think?!
I think that is 1 of the wider landing strips. ... askupaikka wiki page.
Can be used to find the swedish too. Well, some of them atleast.
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24 Sep 2019 11:09

The finnish army mainly the air force uses those landing strips on the roads often and because of that the roads will be closed until the take off and landing exercise will end.
Those wide roads can also be used by other planes mainly for emergency landings because they are so wide.
I also have seen some of those places in person,when i have been driving to different places in Finland.
It always feel so strange for me to drive in to those places,because the road is so wide.
So they could be a really interesting idea to add to the Promods map,especially to the roads in the Pm map,where they are in the real life.


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