Development on version 2.x (Czechia Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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02 Jan 2016 13:00

Hello everyone,

It's really nice to see that you enjoy driving in Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Romania and many other new areas in the new version 2.0.
Meanwhile, we have started working in a country we have never touched so far. The project will include several new roads and cities and also a rebuild of the old areas, including the birthplace of ETS2, Praha.

Now, let's start with two screenshots from a new city between Praha and Linz - České Budějovice, also known under the German name or Budweis - yes, that's the place where famous Budweiser beer comes from.

Current roadmap (from elitegamer0611):

I hope you like it and look forward to its release :mrgreen:
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02 Jan 2016 13:22

Wow looks awesome! Just a question, Plzen will also be built? And do you plan any other cities? Thanks and good luck with your project! :D
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02 Jan 2016 13:26

Very nice work! :)

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02 Jan 2016 13:27

nice to see that Promods going finally to this region, the home-country of ETS2.
Great work, I´m waiting for pictures from Prague. :D
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02 Jan 2016 13:49

I AM PLEASED! Good job!
You should add SCS's HQ to Prague if it's going to get rebuilt :D

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02 Jan 2016 13:58

great work Zelva :)
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02 Jan 2016 14:01

Good job David :)
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02 Jan 2016 14:09

Amazing job.

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02 Jan 2016 14:26

Awesome, looking forward to see more of the Czech Republic!
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02 Jan 2016 14:27

Another project to look forward to! The rebuilding projects in Western and Central Europe are my favourite part of Promods work; it means updating the vanilla game to Promods standard (signs, road network etc). In the vanilla map, without the GPS, it is often not very clear where you are, with Promods it becomes much more interesting, especially in areas of which I know the geography a bit better. I prefer driving through rebuilt Germany and Benelux area - because it's diverse and local. Germany is naturally interesting for me, any sign telling me that I'm entering a new federal state lets me (roughly) know where I am. And I like the dense road network of and variety in Belgium and the Netherlands, it's quite interesting as they are rather small countries which makes the driving more interesting. I mean, France is built well, too, especially in terms of landscaping. But the country is huge - and I like to swap countries more often. So, the Czech, as a rather small country (and bridge between rebuilt countries) is a promising location to rebuild.

I felt that the Czech was kind of neglected with initially only two cities and three after Going East. You mentioned that you want to add several cities. I'd be satisfied even with Plzeň only but more cities aren't too bad, either ;) I like it when local people build in their own country as they usually know how to capture the atmosphere of their country best. In fact, I live not far from the Czech border (guess, I'm closer to Prague than to Berlin). However, I'm not an insider at all as I've been there surprisingly few times. Well, it's hidden behind rather high mountains :P

It might be interesting to have a look at your plans (if you've made any), though, I could understand it if you want to keep it as a surprise. The next bigger Czech cities from my place are Ústí nad Labem and Liberec. Ustí could be connected along the A17 from Dresden or would even pose a nice opportunity to add a rural road along the Elbe/Labe through the Saxon Switzerland and between the mountains near Dečin. Liberec, again, could be connected through a rural road through my home, the Upper Lusatia, at the Eastern tip of Saxony, which would be rather appealing to me ;)

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