Development on version 2.x (Czechia Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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11 Jan 2019 22:17

I like how you can now go through the country, only if it is one corridor which has been polished. Very nice work and good progress <3
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16 Jan 2019 22:06

Hello, sneak a peak time! 8-)


And additionally, probably in the end of this week I will share something big about project. Something worth more than screenshots.

See you all later

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16 Jan 2019 23:21

Very very good! Thank you @elitegamer0611 <3 :)

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16 Jan 2019 23:23

Amazing Work! Can't wait for it to come out!
Also there's Opava on the sign, will it be included?

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17 Jan 2019 05:48

@PetrMates Unfortunalety no, Opava will not be included. In fact you can see which roads and which cities can be added on the roadmap in previous pages.

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17 Jan 2019 11:17

I really dig the scenery and the road signs. Keep up the great work!
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17 Jan 2019 14:46

Amazing EG ! Keep it up :)

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17 Jan 2019 19:06

The north-west of your progress map feels a bit empty. Will you add a city like Usti nad Labem or Teplice for example in this area someday? ;)

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19 Jan 2019 17:18

Dejf94 wrote:
11 Jan 2019 18:59
Eziominer wrote:
10 Jan 2019 18:48
very good release it!!!!!!!
If you can read carefully, the rebuild will take one year to finish :) Finished parts will be added sequentially and released in "big" updates, like 2.30 was.

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20 Jan 2019 11:05

Looks nice, but i think, nowadays, the highway number should be with red background instead of blue one.


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