Development on version 2.x (Czechia Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Jan 2019 11:42

If you confirm that on every ex expressway they changed road number from blue to red, only then we can update it.
As we saw on Street View, even one year after expressways liquidation blue numbers are still existing. The newer sources are confirming blue numbers there too (YouTube footages for example), but if you have better sources or have own photos, you can help us more only.
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20 Jan 2019 12:22

egames2014 wrote:
20 Jan 2019 11:05
Looks nice, but i think, nowadays, the highway number should be with red background instead of blue one.

As elot said, the streetview and at least 6 months old drive cam videos show that highway numbers are still used by blue markings.
trphlcs wrote:
17 Jan 2019 19:06
The north-west of your progress map feels a bit empty. Will you add a city like Usti nad Labem or Teplice for example in this area someday? ;)

There is no free space for any other city in North of country. Also since German Rebuilding is approaching from North and DE-CZ border pass would probably be rebuilt, the best option would be wait and see what SCS will bring.


And now here is the big news, as I promised I will post something more than screenshots 8-) I hope you like it;

And also here is updated roadmap;



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20 Jan 2019 12:32

beautiful video ;)

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20 Jan 2019 12:56

Ok, This is epic
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20 Jan 2019 13:55

Y'all do realize that SW images will almost always be outdated because there's a time period where the old markings can still be used if the sign was there before the changes were made? But all new signs have to follow the current documents. As of right now, all new IS16a signs have to be red as seen on page 72.

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20 Jan 2019 14:36

It doesn't matter what the documents say. Reality matters. It'll take time to change existing signs. Sometimes it may take even years. If you provide us with pictures taken today, with red shields on signs we placed in game, we'll change it. But we checked few sources and so far all shields are still blue, but we'll continue our research ;)
If you tell us exactly which signs have a red shield already and show it on photos - we're happy to update them in game as well!
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20 Jan 2019 14:46

elitegamer0611 wrote:
20 Jan 2019 12:22
And now here is the big news, as I promised I will post something more than screenshots 8-) I hope you like it;
And also here is updated roadmap;
You are a hero. Excellent work. Also, thanks for the updated roadmap status!
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21 Jan 2019 00:18

Wellll Doneeeee ! ;)

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21 Jan 2019 13:43

very good work!!please make a instagram account and put some pictures!i dont have facebook

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22 Jan 2019 14:49

I found a recent video, and as you can see the markings are red.

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