Development on version 2.x (Czechia Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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06 Dec 2018 13:24

I'm eagerly awaiting for these changes. Good luck with building! ;)
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15 Dec 2018 21:13

From January 2019 the development of Czechia Rebuilding Project will continue. Here is the work plan and already made roads (which may or may not be released in the next version); The first thing to do is finishing Jihlava. Then the focus will be given to the East, West, South and North in order.

Unfortunalety Praha ring has no guarantee to be made due to size problem.


I assume it will take at least 1 year to finish Czechia. Well we will see about it 8-)


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15 Dec 2018 21:29

Really nice upcoming stuff!
And it's great that you are more concentrated on roads other than cities, becauuse for the most of the times czechia is just a place of passage when going from Italy or Austria to Poland etc.

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16 Dec 2018 01:02

That's just awesome !

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17 Dec 2018 07:00

Exciting stuff, can't wait to move my garage to Hradec if it gets one :D

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17 Dec 2018 12:45

Really looking forward to this project. And what you've shown so far looks really good.

Though... I'm kinda sad to see that there is not plans about rebuilding Praha/the ring. Is the size problem really that big?
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18 Dec 2018 06:22

RacerToft wrote:
17 Dec 2018 12:45
I'm kinda sad to see that there is not plans about rebuilding Praha/the ring. Is the size problem really that big?
Because SCS build Praha unrealistic and squeezed, the actual Praha, including ring, has to be at least 3x size of current one. Such a rebuild effects all roads around it. It is a big task and according to current work flow it is decided to not have priority.

Personally the first task I want to make is moving Czech from "Transit pass country in between North and South" to "A country worth to start your trucking empire". So first thing first is adding more cities. 8-)

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18 Dec 2018 07:16

That is very good idea!
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18 Dec 2018 17:03

It's interesting to hear you will start some of the areas I already had honor to work with. Will you also include Náchod as a scenery town and Hradec Králové with the full ring road and the new interchange (maybe also the roundabout connecting Hradec Králové Náchod and Liberec. I would be really amazed if you will also realize my original plan on including the PETROF piano manufacture into Hradec Králové. :D Anyway glad Czechia get more love.
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18 Dec 2018 18:07

That looks awesome!
But wouldn't the cities be too squeezed?

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