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22 Mar 2017 14:33

ETS2-User wrote:You sure Austrian signage would help you there? :lol:
Sorry for bringing this back, but is this the final sign?
One thing that bothers me is that you have a total of 6 arrows on the panel for only 5 lanes of traffic. As far as I know, you should have one arrow/lane, so the sign helps you know where each lane go.
From what I can see in the screen-shot, you should remove one arrow from the 3 going right. I don't know exactly, but there surely are other ways to properly display the sign.
If you fixed this already, then sorry for bringing this back :)

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22 Mar 2017 14:46

The 6th lane starts just right of the screenshot.
Also, I wouldn't rely on the arrows. cough Italy cough
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22 Mar 2017 18:01

The way I read this set of sign panels is that there are 2 lanes for the exit and there is an exit ramp off that exit further beyond.
I've seen similar signage in the reworked parts of Germany done by ProMods. I don't see anything confusing here.

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22 Mar 2017 19:40

I don't know the situation in Italy, but I strongly disagree with the use of this particular sign. In my opinion, the sign reads like this: 3 lanes going forward, 2 lanes going to the "Zentrum", 1 lane to Budapest, exactly under the place where the panel is placed (which is not the case). Imagine I want to go to "Zentrum". The sign tells me to keep in the third lane, because the 2nd and the 3rd lane go there.

I faced this problem many times, especially in the vanilla map. There you would often see junctions of a 2-lane highway with one lane going right and one going forward, and this sign: ... _00164.png
This tells me that there are 2 lanes going forward, with one going right that splits from the first lane. Staying in the first lane means that you can choose to go forward or go right. But we all faced the unpleasant surprise that the first lane suddenly turns right.

The previously mentioned sign, however, could be used in our situation (in part). You should keep the three lanes going forward on the left, and a panel similar to this on the right. It would mean that there are 2 lanes going towards Zentrum, with an additional one splitting to Budapest from the lane on the right. This way, the directions are extremely clear. The sign tells me that there are 5 lanes to choose from, and where to position myself to get where.
There should be an additional panel after this place showing exactly where the lane to Budapest begins. Something like this: ... _00000.png
or even ... 9832aa.png

Another way would be to remove the arrow from the panel towards Budapest. It will just tell the driver "there will soon be a way towards Budapest on the right". Again, there must be a sign showing exactly where the lane to Budapest begins. However, I wouldn't recommend this option, because you said the lane begins immediately after this split.

I can go further into detail about these signs, but I hope you understand why I don't like it and why it is incorrect. I haven't yet come across a place in real life where the sign lies to you about the direction of the lane you are in (which your sign does about the 3rd lane from the right). If you watch carefully, in the picture showing this place in real life, the signs are right (5 total lanes, 3 forward, one Zentrum, one Budapest... it is slightly different there, the two separate directions to the right don't split in the same place from the main road like in the in-game version).

If I don't rely on the arrows, then what will tell me where to position the truck? Far left for forward or far right for right is quite...... :)
Also, @KrysEmlyn , in the rebuilt parts of Germany I have to say they did a great job with the signs. I haven't found any problematic situation like this one. Perhaps you can point out a place like this...

I find this issue one of the most disturbing problems that should be addressed. I hope you will reconsider the signage in that area :)
If I was unclear at some points, I would be happy to explain it further.

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23 Mar 2017 08:35

Have you ever driven on actual roads? I remember driving around Rotterdam irl using signs only, the amount of times I took the wrong exit is ridiculous. The devs have already shown this sign actually exists in Vienna. So there is no point in changing this because it is confusing.

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23 Mar 2017 08:57

Some signs in real life have an incorrect number of arrows and that sign is one of them. It is just a really bad design from real life engineers but that just happens. These mistakes are represented in ProMods for improved realism as that is what is there in real life. ;)

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23 Mar 2017 10:07

In certain countries it is not uncommon to sign MORE arrows than actual lanes in existence if the lanes appear not too long after the sign

We tend to model all our signs based on the IRL situations (just as with the number of lanes)
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23 Mar 2017 10:57

Yea it´s the Region around Mondsee between KM 250 and 260.

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24 Mar 2017 04:38

I would think that the indication of arrows might indicate the exits for rather than the indications of how many lanes there are at that junction point.. that's what I would assume...

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09 Apr 2017 17:03

Just gonna ask something, can't tell if you already gave some answer for that

Is the project will include the Full Autobahn A10, from Klein Deutsches Eck in bayern to Karawanken Tunnel ? Could be a real nice addition, and according to the "progress map" the road doesn't follow much of that A10
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