Development on version 2.x (Barents Sea Extension)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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30 Mar 2020 17:52

I think it's Northern Finland or Norway.

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30 Mar 2020 18:05

I think it might be Norway, beacuse as far as i know Finland does not have yellow stripes in the road

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31 Mar 2020 19:31

Finland does have yellow lines, but they are only used in areas where passing is prohibited.
Norway uses yellow for all of their center lines from what I have seen.

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02 Apr 2020 09:43

Actually that is not correct any longer. Last year they started painting all lines to white. OfC that will take some time so sure, there is still yellow lines also. :)
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04 Apr 2020 11:37

will there be a city of Apatity?a very important city in the Murmansk region.And how can I fix that there is no cargo from Murmansk for temperature transportation

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13 Apr 2020 22:06

Cool to see that Alta is in the making and that E6 Sennalandet is built. Also to see that maybe Kautokeino and the road from Alta to Tromsø is in the making :P

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13 Apr 2020 23:02

I also support that Apatity and Severomorsk could be added in Murmansk region.
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14 Apr 2020 16:31

Apatity would be indeed a great city to add, but Severomorsk is a closed city, so I would be sceptical about it. Though, the developer who created the Barents Sea in the first place has been inactive for a very long time, so only time will tell if it could be realised, obviously...

PS: the Russian community is not really fond of someone other than them, creating parts of Russia, for whatever reason. Strange, because the whole area is absolutely beautifully done, and from when I went there personally IRL, I can say it looks very real!
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14 Apr 2020 20:23


We do not accept requests.

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There will be no Apatity or Severomorsk
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15 Apr 2020 18:01

Aw man its nice and all that most of Northern norway is being worked on but not trough where i live so if it went trough Lofoten and Vesterålen that would be pretty cool! :)

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