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23 Jul 2019 18:50

Cant confirm it all works with dx11 but the trailers I have hauled with replacement have been fine texture wise. New save so quite a lot of box trailer jobs :)

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24 Jul 2019 17:26

scan720 wrote:
22 Jul 2019 16:35

I cant confirm this
Show youre game.log

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Cant show game log because i uninstalled this pack because of this. Not saying that its problematic, i only saw this problem on 2 maybe 3 trailers of about 20 i tried. Its very hard to reproduce because most jobs have a huge selection of trailers. But well, if you dont believe me, well thats another story. Also, you wont be getting anything clear with the gamelog, the only thing you will see are the classic DX11 errors about not being able to map vertex coordinates and so on but will not have a clue anyways what trailer is causing it (ususally it is a classic box trailer). The other "proof" will be to see the trailer on the screen that shows weird colored textures and reflections. And yes, before you ask, its tested on a blank profile with only promods and TACP installed.

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24 Jul 2019 18:22

So I gone through them in the Trailer Browser and none of them gave a DX11 error, that is a problem on your side, not on TCP's side.
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13 Aug 2019 15:16

will u add support for the new middle east addon? I don't have the trailer/company pack installed right now, because it is chrashing on ym end (using wombat's Global edition build)
but I believe in ME Addon are only the SCS standard companies. Would nice to get a more "middle eastern" look with new companies.

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08 Sep 2019 10:21

with other maps and other trailer packs , which files should be added?

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15 Sep 2019 11:35

when will you activate the TCP for carrefour company?

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