ProMods 2.46 for game version 1.37 has been released. Please be kind to the download servers :)
Please note that TruckersMP (multi-player) is still on game version 1.36 / ProMods 2.45

Development on Add-ons (Trailer and Company Pack v1.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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16 Mar 2020 07:06

Yes we would like to but we need more people who wish to work on this pack!
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14 May 2020 18:18

Does it work on ets2 1.36 and promods v2.43?

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15 May 2020 08:26

Yes, it does.
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15 May 2020 10:30

I don't understand why you make this add... Lot of real company is shared and work with prod. Why you don't contact another mod for add their mod to your map ??

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