Development on Add-ons (Trailer and Company Pack v1.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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04 Jul 2017 19:32

Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. Please be patient :)
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muerteh 650
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05 Jul 2017 08:45

Thanks Volleybal4life :)
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11 Jul 2017 11:27

For some reason though most trailers are too low, to go under them and connect them :( Should be nice mod though

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11 Jul 2017 17:36

The only trailer that really gives a problem when connecting to it is the Krone 4-axle trailer.
Only trucks with a low-deck chassis can easily grab that one. I usually end up damaging my truck trying to get under it.
All of the other trailers do not give me issues as they are built for a standard truck chassis.

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12 Jul 2017 16:20

well most 3-axle tented trailers are too low for my 6x2 taglift. others work fine. havnt seen 4-axle ones though

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15 Jul 2017 07:05

The Krone 4-axle's collisions will be fixed in the next version which will then allow you to couple it with a standard height chassis. ;)
There should be no problems coupling the other trailers with a standard height chassis. Of course I can not guarantee that the trailers work with every single mod truck but the trailers have the exact same collisions as their SCS equivalents and therefore if any problems occur they are caused by the truck and not the trailer.

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15 Jul 2017 12:00

muerteh 650 wrote:
04 Jul 2017 18:15
The v1.14 ,will it come out with ProMods 1.20? Thanks :)
You surely meant Promods 2.20 :D :lol:
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08 Aug 2017 16:01

Will there be liftable axles for promods trailer & company pack?

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09 Aug 2017 09:31

There will be liftable axles, and I can't remember correctly but MAYBE there are already liftaxles on some of the trailers.
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12 Aug 2017 10:37

Only some trailers have liftable axles. Rest is normal.

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