Development on Add-ons (Trailer and Company Pack v1.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Jan 2019 08:17

Thanks for your answer.

I haven't thought that grimes is modifiying also the signs.
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20 Jan 2019 15:05

PLS Promods do also real gas station companies for BTBS:

Like Gasmer should be Gazprom:
Or VRM Oil should be OMV:
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24 Apr 2019 00:36

At the moment we have no models for the Norrfood and Polaris Lines companies, so these will appear as default until the next version is released.
Is this detail still correct? In the latest version of the mod, ICA seems to have replaced Norrfood. I don't think I had any other mods enabled that would have replaced that.

Side note: This is my first post of 2019. Long time no see everyone :)

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05 Jul 2019 06:23

Happy to see this mod is still maintained for 1.35 and possibly future game versions. I especially like the skins used for the company buildings in the base game. :)

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05 Jul 2019 10:29


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05 Jul 2019 10:35

Thank you. We have been short on manpower in this area, but we hope to continue development again soon, rather than mostly just maintain compatibility.
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05 Jul 2019 12:11

i was wondering if the replacement version can replace all the trailers in the game,i don't want to see db schenker and transinet in the same yard or in traffic.

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05 Jul 2019 13:36

Hello everyone, I wondered if we could only use the pack Company ?? because for the trailers I have my own pack ^^ but it's just the companies that I would like to modify, this pack does it you ??

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05 Jul 2019 14:19

I think yeah, you can just use the company pack, by only loading the company files.

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