Development on Add-ons (Trailer and Company Pack v1.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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05 Jul 2019 14:23

EdgeGladiator wrote:
05 Jul 2019 14:19
I think yeah, you can just use the company pack, by only loading the company files.

Thanks for this reply Edge ;).

Friendship Ludo.

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05 Jul 2019 15:45

you're welcome

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08 Jul 2019 11:06


Where are yours B-trains?

Is it possible to use ProMods paintjob at owned trucks & trailers?
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20 Jul 2019 11:03

Hi, I am new in Truck Simulator world, playing the game since the beginning of July.
Therefore I am still trying to find best set of mods for my personal requirements and capabilities of my laptop to run them.

Could someone please clarify me the Trailer & Company Pack mod and the difference between those? :)

1. Difference between Trailer Pack vs. Jazzycat Traffic Pack for trailers and/or Jazzycat cargo packs
2. Difference between Trailer Pack vs. SiSL's Trailer Pack
3. Difference between Company Pack vs mod like Real European Companies e.g ... +Companies

I know what Jazzycat's traffic packages are and that I want to use them to have realistic traffic look.
I know that SiSL's Trailer Pack is adding also some more trailers to the traffic and for jobs.

I understand that Promods is doing the same, but what are the differences beside different set of skins?
Additionally what is the difference between Promods Companies package and the other ones?

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20 Jul 2019 23:33

The Promods Trailer & Company is where the in game companies change from fake names to real company names ( FCB to DHL for example) and have (depending on what you want) either trailers with the real companies or replaces the company trailers
1a. Traffic Packs add different AI vehicles/skins to traffic, you can use together
1b & 2. Both add trailers/skins to trailers you can pick up from companies. they do work with TCP, there there is small issues when all three are together (overload with skins etc.)
3. REC is the same thing as TCP. but is meant for default map, so Promods doesn't work with REC, and TCP can't work w/o Promods.

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22 Jul 2019 12:30

Hey guys,

one question to clarify: when you download promods and the trailer addon, in both cases you have to create a def file. is it necessary to create two files? one for promods and one for the trailer addon?

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22 Jul 2019 12:36

No, you only create one for the map.
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22 Jul 2019 14:02

alright, thank you!

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22 Jul 2019 16:09

Hi, is this correctly updated to DX11?? because i see many bad textures on trailers all over the place (and DX11 error msgs in the console). I used the replacement version, and the second freighter market job i got, already was showing me weird texture issues. And yes, i uninstalled the trailer and company pack and everything went back to normal.

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22 Jul 2019 16:35


I cant confirm this
Show youre game.log

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