Cabin Accessories Pack Development

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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29 Feb 2016 04:44

Cabin Accessories Pack

Development progress and current status:



Greetings all!

Today we're revealing a new add-on made by a few team members from the ProMods team:

General information and requirements

With 2.01 and the Trailer Pack in full swing, I thought I'd show you the Cabin Accessories Pack that LoaderSaints and I have been working on (for now, there maybe be more people afterwards). As the name suggests, this mod will add more options to customise your interior with accessories such as mugs and pennants. This too is an extra mod which can be installed separately from ProMods. However, it does require you to have another DLC installed, and that is the Cabin Accessories DLC. Obviously, without this DLC, this mod won't work. You will find a mini FAQ about this mod below, hopefully it should solve most questions.

What does it include?

The initial release will include the following:
  1. Mugs with more than 60 different country flags and a ProMods mug
  2. Over 60 pennants, big and small, with country flags, a few ProMods pennants and some mini scarfs
  3. A Promods-themed curtain
  4. Three ProMods-themed dice
Does this work on my truck?

If it's an SCS stock truck, yes. Future versions will include support for modded trucks too, but only for the ones which support the DLC. As for which truck that'll be... we'll be using our guideline, so if you want to have these in your modded truck, you may want to start voting. ;)

What do you plan to do in the future?

It's hard to tell at this point, but this will definitely be expanding. Our goal is to try and create multiple new items which are commonly found in trucks. Since many of you spent a lot of time trucking with the first person camera, we want to assure you that the interior, which is where you spend a lot of time in game, looks as good as it can be for each individual. As far as existing items are concerned, we do plan to make more of those, with more flags or more designs. Of course, unlike mapping, this is a good place to hear some suggestions which might be added, it's not guaranteed.

Where and when will it be released?

Like with every other development at ProMods, it's ready when it's ready! That said, the initial version (v1.0) is due to be out soon, but we don't know how soon that'll be. Also, we are not sure about the downloading method, so as far as this is concerned, we cannot give you any details at the moment. This goes without saying, but you'll find the official link for this mod only in our forum, any other link outside our forum is not genuine and is not official.

We will post some screenshots later on, as well as update releases and, of course, we will answer your questions. :)

Happy trucking from LoaderSaints and tkk7406
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29 Feb 2016 05:36

Sounds nice :)
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29 Feb 2016 08:07

Sounds awesome! :)
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29 Feb 2016 11:08

Must be great as TCP , good luck!
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29 Feb 2016 14:09

Good idea. For future suggestions / possible expansions I would say: Sat Navigation (if it's even possible). Something like TomTom mod, but maybe some other dimensions (bigger, wider?). This would add pure realism to the game
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29 Feb 2016 14:43

This sounds awesome! :)
Really looking forward to this, since now i have a reason to actually buy this DLC. (The stunning World of Trucks pennant just wasn't enough)
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29 Feb 2016 15:27

Nice to hear it. Glad I bought the DLC.

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29 Feb 2016 17:02

Sounds interesting.

Would it be possible for you guys (if you have the time) to make a tutorial on how to create stand alone accessoires in the academy section?
Or do you know an easy to understand one which shows that?
Tried it out shortly after release but only was able to replace exisitng ones....and the blender tutorial stuff looked like they where outdated or not really clear where to find which options...

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29 Feb 2016 17:46

Thanks for the hard work and really appreciate all the hard work of the ProMods team, the quality is superb.

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29 Feb 2016 20:41

Great! Good luck with your project guys :)
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