Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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11 Apr 2016 21:34

Dartford crossing is being included; ... &start=130 :)
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11 Apr 2016 21:44

Kobra2112 wrote:Any work going to be done into making the Shetland Islands a part of Promods? Or perhaps any of the Outer Hebrides (Lewis & Harris, etc.)?
Hi, and sorry for the late reply! :oops:
I'm currently developing the map in that area (Orkney Isles), so yes, there's a possibility of progressing further north and west in the future ;) .
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11 Apr 2016 22:45

I didn't know you were a developer...... :o

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11 Apr 2016 23:25

Nice work!

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12 Apr 2016 16:17

cashtime2013 wrote: Hi, and sorry for the late reply! :oops:
I'm currently developing the map in that area (Orkney Isles), so yes, there's a possibility of progressing further north and west in the future ;) .
Much thanks cashtime! I'm here daily so no big deal, I see everything eventually :lol:
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12 Apr 2016 17:57

Good luck


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13 Apr 2016 08:41

Thanks for reply about the a13 thats cool ...just thought of inpressed by the whole map of your latest version....looking forward to the next one... and what i read sounds pretty awsome .....keep up good work guys..hope to see new version soon.... :P :P

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13 Apr 2016 15:13

Just wondering, if you are going to remove the ikea on the M1 into London itself, there are two locations you could use. One is on the west side of London near Wembly stadium and the other one is on the east side of London near The Spurs ground and about 5 miles away from the m11. Both funnily enough both of them are right off the A406 just on different sides!

Also another option to replace the current ikea could be the watling st truckstop just off the m1 before luton. ... 312!8i6656

On the other side of the road there's even a truck dealer and also a hotel! Also I live in London so I could get some pics of things if you want, although might be hard to get pictures of motorway stuff unless I get someone else to drive lol!
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16 Apr 2016 02:44

bensmith444 wrote:Excellent news! Would be nice to see Bradford/Leeds in the mix, just off the M62.
Would love to see Leeds, as it has an Urban Motorway with a 40 mph limit + actual truck dealers, companies etc.
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17 Apr 2016 10:28

Hi guys, the mapping looks great (especially the Dartford crossing)!
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