Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Apr 2016 16:31

This is a reply to Sebnicols post: (Bottom of Page 10)

Seb they probably won't map that mate. I was reading in the ARP thread and some one asked about a highway that was in planning and hadn't been built and the Devolpers said no so I think your question will result in a No to mate. :D

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17 Apr 2016 20:03

Finally UK gets some attention!!

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18 Apr 2016 02:42

sebnichols wrote:Hi guys, the mapping looks great (especially the Dartford crossing)!

Quick question about the M25 near LHR - there are plans for a 3rd runway and a complete redo of the M25, I've got a video to explain:

Of course it is not confirmed to go ahead, let alone construction being started, but would you consider mapping that bit?
While that looks great, it is not reality yet, so you will not see this concept in our map until it actually exists ;)
Mapping... somewhere

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18 Apr 2016 04:23

It's nice to see that British Isles get some attention. It is the oldest part of the ETS 2 map at the moment.

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18 Apr 2016 05:57

maybe someday I'll get to visit the land of my ancestors in Ireland.

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18 Apr 2016 20:32

Finally, the UK in the game is dreadful!

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19 Apr 2016 16:27

Can't wait to see ireland in the game at last!

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19 Apr 2016 19:03

I have no idea if this is too far north but at the moment the A120 simply ends at a small junction on the A12, instead of multiplexing for circa seven miles and then separating to become a single-carriageway to Braintree, then a dual carriageway to the M11. Could this vital trucking link be added if space permits?

From the A120, you could also add the A131 to Chelmsford if the scale permits this.

Methinks I need to start looking here more often :P

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20 Apr 2016 10:53

I am so happy that you guys are working on the UK map and i am just hoping that you will add the M62 onto A63 going into Hull, because it would be amazing driving along that route in my truck. :)

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21 Apr 2016 00:52

So glad you guys are rebuilding the UK! It's always been one of my favourite areas despite the lower quality. I just like driving on the left for some reason :P

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