Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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21 Apr 2016 17:33

Been away from ETS2 for a while; Great News that the UK is to receive some long overdue attention!
Could I throw an idea into the pot; to improve the M5/A38 route to the Plymouth area and include the Two Bridges (A38 Road and Rail) that cross the river Tamar into Cornwall, with a view to heading for China Clay Country?
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21 Apr 2016 19:32

Making the UK more realistic takes alot of time. Cornwall and Devon will probably be rebuilt from scratch but that area is far off unless another developer finds free time to do it
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21 Apr 2016 20:43

I'd like to drive all the way to Penzance if it ever finds its way into the game. just have to wait and see.

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23 Apr 2016 09:03

Finally got these back in the game (now editable)..

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23 Apr 2016 11:36

^^ Nice signs! :)

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23 Apr 2016 19:55

So happy the UK is getting looked at. The work you have already done in Scotland (where I live) is fantastic. Its like how Scotland would look if our roads where actually maintained! :D
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23 Apr 2016 23:56

It's going to be really cool to eventually see Ireland in-game! You should include Stranraer, Scotland and a ferry across to Belfast from Stranraer like in real life. Such cities we can look forward to in Ireland are; Dublin, Belfast, Cork etc.

Looking forward to this!
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24 Apr 2016 09:32

Very great signs!
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24 Apr 2016 11:54

Hooray! Finally the UK gets some love.

Some suggestions- mine are for the North Midlands (Between Manchester and Birmingham):

1) Get rid of that little road off the M1 to Sheffield and make the A50 around the same place to the M6 (Stoke on Trent)
2) Add the city of Derby in the middle of those 2 motorways, link to the A50 at the bottom, and a north link to Sheffield using the A38/M1. Also add the A6 to Manchester (give the opportunity for some nice peak-district scenery)
3) Add A38 Birmingham to M1 (Sheffield) via Derby, junction at A50

Can't wait to see the fruits of you guys' labour :)

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25 Apr 2016 14:09

Very exciting news.

My suggestions:

1. +1 for the M60 and improve the NorthWest (Liverpool-Manchester) area.

2. Get a toll on the Severn Bridge going into Wales

3. M6 Toll ?? (if there's space)

4. Improved motorway services.

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