Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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03 Jun 2016 21:50

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06 Jun 2016 12:31

Congratulations! Good luck on making UK, and rebuilding old parts of it!

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07 Jun 2016 16:29

GREAT! I live in Jersey and those pictures of Jersey are amazing. I suggest you replace the sigh saying St helier with a road name or something because those sighs aren't normally used in Jersey. But if you don't want to that's fine because its your map, but if you wanted it to be more realistic you could do that.
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12 Jun 2016 19:47

Another A-road downgraded to what is reality.


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12 Jun 2016 22:17

Looks nice :)
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13 Jun 2016 13:23

Finally! That annoyed me so much
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13 Jun 2016 13:25

Nice :)

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13 Jun 2016 16:58

I would like to say the work your all doing and have done already with ProMods is fantastic. I always use the pay-for DL, hopes that helps some. Recently I regressed back to 1.23 of the game to still play with ProMods. Everything seems to work very well, plus of course it still works well with RusMap.
Looking forward to new updates as and when they arrive.
Thanks for the extra roads we all can travel. :)

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13 Jun 2016 19:30

Callipso wrote:Not really, Besides Liverpool there is no real connection points built along the Irish Sea coast, those that actually carry trucks to Ireland. Other points are still in progress such as the Isle of Man connector. Even if it did have the infrastructure the team still has many other areas in Europe to focus on, they can't simply drop everything and work on Ireland just cause its wanted by the community. A priority yes, though a very low one regardless of expectations.
To correct your post in the kindest way possible, you are missing out Holyhead, and Fishguard - both in Wales. Holyhead sails to Dublin Port, and also to Dún Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leery). Fishguard sails to Rosslare in Co. Wexford. Those 3 UK ports all take trucks too.

On a side note, if it's any use to the Dev team when the time comes, I am often down in Rosslare, and will be happy to provide pictures/video footage of the roads in the area to help you guys out as much as possible

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14 Jun 2016 15:55


I'm afraid you're missing the point. We all know that Holyhead, Fishguard as well as Stranraer in Scotland all are possible places where to build a ferry port into Ireland somewhere in the distant future. The problem is that none of them are anywhere near a connecting point on the ETS map. So Callipso is quite right when he points out that at the moment the only connection from Britain to Ireland that is already built is Liverpool (which imho is not THE gateway into Ireland for trucks in real life). So in order for Ireland to be feasible we have to wait until British Isle rebuilding has come to at least one of mentioned ports.

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