Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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07 Aug 2018 08:15

A684 at Garsdale, that'll be the Settle-Carlisle railway (if Wikipedia doesn't fool me idk)
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07 Aug 2018 10:26

Yup, it is indeed at Garsdale ;)

Anyone that’s played the “Trainz” series of games may remember this area from the route “Hawes Junction” ;)
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07 Aug 2018 22:46

Will there be London buses and Taxis for AI. That will be cool for the London rebuilding where Squirrel went. Cannot wait "til 2.30. I will find it very fun to drive on the left hand side of the road, especially when I will be able to drive to Cyprus. Europe's LHD countries will be complete with and if Malta comes soon.

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07 Aug 2018 22:53

bricksathome wrote:
05 Aug 2018 20:06

We have the Red buses, but none spawned in Squirrels stream, possibly down to his AI traffic mod overwriting it
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08 Aug 2018 12:24

Is the A1 going to be redone all the way to london? Because in Squirrel's stream you can see bignell's corner (A1/M25 Junction) which makes me think that the A1 will be going into london, or is it just decoration? Would be nice to see the full A1 though since it is the longest single numbered A road and runs from Edinburgh to London. :)

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08 Aug 2018 12:59

M6/A684 junction :D Great work, looks incredibly realistic, with the windmills and cattle grids! Working very close to Heysham and Lancaster then. Can we expect the port to be rebuilt with the new A683 link?

Curious how you're going to rebuild Manchester too if you ever get to it. Salford has a lot of industry in there.

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08 Aug 2018 17:38

London and the M25 are spectacular, keep up the great work! :)

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08 Aug 2018 18:29

Pity that there are no exit numbers on the junctions of the M25 in london in 2.30. I saw in the sign templates one example of an exit number in a gantry

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09 Aug 2018 00:28

At 2:38:01 Of Squirrel's Twitch, the semaphores in Croydon in front of the petro station are all green in all four directions, that's why I think Squirrel almost hit the Spar van.

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09 Aug 2018 14:24

The UK is spectacular, London looks amazing too but that road in wales looks fun and scenic.. I really want to know if the A835 north of Ullapool has been finished in time for 2.30? Any future plans to continue dev in Scotland?

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