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11 Feb 2019 08:41

I think we have to consider that some areas are not well-suited for HGVs, and the residents would rather have them stay out of it... for example, a city center high street.

Ellesmere Port and other industrial areas around Chester could be included however, though it'd probably be under Liverpool.

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12 Feb 2019 17:46

I agree with with you. Is there not an Opel/Vauxhall factory in Ellesmere Port, maybe a new place for new industrial sites?

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13 Feb 2019 00:24

You’ve got Vauxhall at EPort, Airbus at Chester/Harwarden, Stanlow Oil Refinary which is the second biggest in the UK, and Tata Steel at Chester/Shotwick and a port at Birkenhead that puts it all on Cargo Ships.

Fun Fact Time: There is this small Harbour on the River Dee (Link below), if you notice the markings for Planes on the road, this is how plane parts are shipped from Airbus to Toulose and Hamburg, they make mainly wings at Airbus and they get transported to a Barge that takes the Wings out to the Dee Estury and loaded onto a bigger ship. Small Planes can also be Taxi’ed to here and loaded onto Barges.

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16 Feb 2019 00:20

Plum2018 wrote:
10 Feb 2019 18:29
As much as I would agree with you I don’t think there is enough space, I would have loved for Maidstone to be added but again due to scale it can’t. Also it is now the M20 not the M2 so the A249 would be very difficult to build
yeah you make a fair point there.
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16 Feb 2019 09:59

I've not read through the other 258 pages, so forgive me if this has already been suggested!

But, how about the Multi- Modal Gateway at Widnes 3MMG, a huge operating base for Tescos supermarkets and the Stobart Group Logistics and Biomass; it has the facilities for cross- Road, Rail and Ship transportation and may make a very interesting in the ETS2 context.
As an example, a load could be brought in by Ship, be transferred by Road, and moved on by Rail, or perhaps even a reverse of the above at the other end (Daventry) or perhaps down to or from Spain?

It's just an idea, and one that's bound to have all sorts of opposition; but, having said that a few suggestions that were put forward by Myself and Others, which at the time were called unworkable and a waste of time and effort, are now a reality in ETS2! (Coupling to trailers and Suzies being one of them!)

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17 Feb 2019 00:51

Is there any plan at all to include junction 32A between A1(M) and M62 and sending the M62 out to Hull or is this restricted by map scale ?

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17 Feb 2019 17:25

Is there any plans to add the A34 and possibly Oxford or Andover as I think this would benefit as it can be linked in with M40 and the M3
Or the A419 and places like Swindon and cheltenham

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21 Feb 2019 01:29




Mapping... somewhere

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21 Feb 2019 02:30

M6 J20/J20A through to the Thewall Viaduct. Even the barriers are the correct colour.

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21 Feb 2019 04:17

penguinaz wrote:
21 Feb 2019 01:29
awesome images
You killed me with these photos, nice work man :o
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