Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Mar 2016 19:52

All I can say is Wales has a very different feel than the rest of the UK so please hit me up with questions about Wales. I really want to help you with re creating my country as it is.

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27 Mar 2016 19:58

Can't wait to drive in a more improved UK :)

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27 Mar 2016 20:27
I'm sorry but i had to

In all seriousness, this is great news. The left side of the road will finally get it's well deserved rebuild. :)
I'm guessing the first release will be London (considering the amount of work you've done on it already)?
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27 Mar 2016 21:42

Probably not, London has a lot of work to go.

One of the first things you will see would likely be the M20 motorway and a rebuilt of A259 and part of A27
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27 Mar 2016 21:53

Any work going to be done into making the Shetland Islands a part of Promods? Or perhaps any of the Outer Hebrides (Lewis & Harris, etc.)?
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27 Mar 2016 23:11

Wow, you did an outstanding job on your South England project. Congrats on joining the blue team of ProMods. Gotta say, UK is very outdated, since it was just converted from the UK Truck Simulator. Looking forward until everything is done, and looking forward to see Ireland.
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28 Mar 2016 06:06

Oh my goodness. Congratz on the blue team :D

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28 Mar 2016 12:18

That's really great news , UK is really far far away in quality comparing to other europeans countries.
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28 Mar 2016 17:43

Wonderful news! I was waiting for this since ages! Good job Promods! Let's keep it like that!
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28 Mar 2016 18:05

Oh yes! Finally the UK is getting the proper ProMods treatment! That first screenshot looks great already, but be careful you get the proper 'rolling' look for those hills.

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