Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

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21 Dec 2018 15:53

Question about ProMods British Isles Edition.
The map is 1:15, while ETS2 is 1:19. And cities are 1:3"time" Is that being used as an advantage?
= cities possible to make a bit bigger, compared to SCS's British Isles.
I haven't visited ProMods British Isles Edition for a while.
But the SCS version, there the distances "driving time" were too long between some cities and destinations.

ProMods is doing amazing work!
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21 Dec 2018 18:43

If course we use the bigger scale to our advantage :P
Places like London are huuuge and are bigger than what they would be in 1:19, When making the A487 in Wales I was able to fit many more small towns and villages along it than if it were in 1:19, and the cities themselves could be bigger and thus more realistic. ;)

Of course, there is still a lot of the UK that hasn't been touched by us yet, so that remains to be a bit plain, but the places we've rebuilt/built should be a lot better :P
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21 Dec 2018 19:13

bricksathome, big thumbs up from me! :)
Monaco 2011 Route. Traffic map.
Possible ETS2 route 1 and/or 2?

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21 Dec 2018 20:45

Having a bigger scale to work with is defenately much better, like Fernbus has (I think it's 1:10 not sure).

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21 Dec 2018 22:33

Maybe it's "much better" but also more time consuming - there are pros and cons ;)
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22 Dec 2018 16:48

I've just been through London and the area around Folkstone - they're both looking fantastic. Great work!

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25 Dec 2018 13:09

bricksathome wrote:
19 Dec 2018 20:52
so, the Industrial-district extension to Aberystwyth is finished :D

awesome image

This means that there is now...
A garage
A service shop
A proper rest area
A recruitment agency
and a new company Aberystwyth

awesome image

This new company isn't a direct copy of a company yard from IRL (Like the companies in Porthmadog are) but it is heavily inspired by a typical 'Jewson' layout.
awesome image
Very well done with some intricate bits! I just drove through the Dartford Crossing (the automatic toll payment mechanic was splendid btw), as well as parts of London and Croydon yesterday. It really simulates as if I was in London myself even though I've never been there :shock: :D

Keep up the outstanding effort~
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25 Dec 2018 13:59

I also like London very much and I am very glad that Penguin did center and not just industrial part.
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25 Dec 2018 23:10

Aberystwyth Industrial area looks amazing!
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30 Dec 2018 16:06

It sure does. Excellent work. No wonder I really like deliveries that take me to ProMods UK.
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