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10 Jan 2019 20:54

I don't suppose there is a list of what being updated/changed in the British isles personally id love to see more of the A27/A259 to be added and maybe pick ups and drop offs at shoreham Port

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10 Jan 2019 23:16

Racer11 wrote:
10 Jan 2019 14:09
bricksathome, realistically, if it was possible to include the whole of Cornwall, Devon etc etc. How long would that actually take to put into ProMods?
it would definitely be a few months at least if we are talking one or two roads and cities
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11 Jan 2019 22:21

JohnBart wrote:
07 Jan 2019 01:59
The more screenshots I see about the British Isles, the more I realize why I love driving around the ProMods areas there. Your hard work and dedication is so obvious seeing all these updates. Keep it up!
As a Londoner myself, it was the first time I'd ever looked forward to going through the Blackwall Tunnel.

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19 Jan 2019 22:30

Will city like Bristol Exeter and Brighton be added

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22 Jan 2019 14:10

Hi, one question: Since it is now clear that the Brexit comes, will be there some border crossing points (perhaps in Calais) like in SCS Baltics Sea DLC?
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22 Jan 2019 16:01


it is not 100% clear how the Brexit will happen, so not in near future.

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22 Jan 2019 19:16

It'd be better if we can feature more ferries, perhaps, just in case...

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22 Jan 2019 20:08

There are already border checks at the ports though.

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23 Jan 2019 02:03

I think if anything is unclear it is if Brexit comes, and even if it will come, how it will come. We always depict the real life situation..
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29 Jan 2019 13:59

Update time.... ;)
So, new stuff from me in the pipeline.... Tarbert and Stornoway on the Isles of Lewis & Harris in the Outer Hebrides....

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and of course the rebuilt cities of Felixstowe and Chelmsford :)
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