Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

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04 Feb 2019 19:49

Yeah the Lymm services will be included.

We always build our service areas in the same layout as real life, not with SCS prefabs
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05 Feb 2019 00:19

NintendoFan772 wrote:
31 Jan 2019 19:42
I'd also love to see the rebuild of Glasgow and Edinburgh, put that would be in the near future, so I need to be patient about it.
All the UK 'vanilla' cities are scheduled for a rebuild :) . In fact I'm planning to make one my next project! ;)
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06 Feb 2019 17:21

That's great, vanilla cities are really boring to drive in.
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08 Feb 2019 18:27

Would Love to see Peterborough(UK) added and the A47 East-West Trunk road added Leicester, Peterborough, Kings Lynn (Port) and Norwich

Also A1 completed to join M25

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08 Feb 2019 20:57

Peterborough would be difficult because of its proximity to Cambridge and the scale of the Map. Something in East Anglia would be nice, Norwich would be good, maybe Lowestoft too. The A1(M) already has a Junction with the M25 that is sign posted but not useable, maybe thats something we will see.

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08 Feb 2019 21:20

Another option would be to use the M11 - A14(M) - A1(M), but only after the A14 upgrade work is done.

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10 Feb 2019 17:54

Be good if Sheerness Port could be added and have GEFCO to pick up car Transporter loads and deliver around the UK and Ireland as that’s where PSA (Peugeot Citroen DS Automobiles and Vauxhall) models built in Europe are delivered too. Not sure if other Vehicle Manufacturers deliver there too.
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10 Feb 2019 18:29

As much as I would agree with you I don’t think there is enough space, I would have loved for Maidstone to be added but again due to scale it can’t. Also it is now the M20 not the M2 so the A249 would be very difficult to build
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10 Feb 2019 18:52

Hopefully you include chester and the A41

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10 Feb 2019 19:55

I was born in Chester so it would be nice, a walled Roman City would be something different. I think it would be difficult lbut not impossible if you were willing for it to competely straddle the border with Wales because of the Map Scale and the proximity of Liverpool. Somewhere like Stoke would be much easier to do, the services that are S/B only on the M6 are quite big and are about where Stoke is.

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