Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Mar 2019 20:12

Great job C:

Have to say, the video with you describing and explaining stuff was very interesting! Informative and also helped me appreciate all the more the work it takes C: Would love to see more of such videos!

Btw, cheeky question; will the upgraded Felixstowe be in the next version too?

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20 Mar 2019 20:58

Would be nice to see the East Midlands represented somehow (Nottingham, Derby, Leicester). Nice mix of industrial, built-up areas, rural areas...

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20 Mar 2019 23:01

With the A684 now finished, I'm looking for little jobs to do until 2.40 releases and I can start my next main project (A44)
This will mainly consist of small re-tweaks to places around wales where the mapping could be improved a little, the fist being this, a more realistic upgrade to the 'cob' area of Porthmadog!


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20 Mar 2019 23:20

Wow that’s a big change :lol: it looked so empty before
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21 Mar 2019 00:46

Will the A44 connect Aberystwyth to the A470 for Newtown or do we have to go through Builth Wells?
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22 Mar 2019 10:13

I can't believe it looked that bad before, was that released?
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22 Mar 2019 10:57

I don't think it was so bad before. It was even good and nice made before, there is worse case.

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22 Mar 2019 12:16

Keep in mind there's a high wall that prevents you from seeing it (just like in real life), so you were only able to see it using an exterior camera and not as well as on the screenshot above.
Besides, I'm surprised with "was that released?" question. Didn't you drive there yourself? How did you miss it? This whole area was really as close to real life as possible, even in this scale, check on SV ;) You can't recreate everything with less mapping experience - but I guess bricks now feels a lot more confident and reworked this part with his latest skills and knowledge. It's not that common for devs to come back to their not-so-old work and improve it even more.
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22 Mar 2019 14:12

The "rework" looks more like low tide, vs high tide.
With the latter looking real nice!
Interesting historical railways there too.
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22 Mar 2019 17:52

How is anyone going with Ireland?

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