Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

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05 May 2020 18:39

MrOtter wrote:
05 May 2020 16:46
Hi all, I'd just like to say thank you for developing Scotland so well (so far!). I was due to be up there this last month, so the ability to drive some of the roads has been a blessed relief. The team have captured the feel of the roads and general chilled out atmosphere of the highlands and islands. Definitely helping to keep sanity in check during isolation!

Thank you again. Oh and a quick daft question...How do I downgrade the game on steam so I can continue with Promods maps?
Thanks again, Jim.
Right click the game in Steam, open Properties, go to the Betas tab, and then you roll back to 1.36 there.

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06 May 2020 20:52

Would love to see Isle of Wight added esp has got ferries in places at Portsmouth and the Newhaven dieppe ferry added.

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06 May 2020 21:33

Besttrucker498 wrote:
27 Jan 2020 20:17
cashtime2013 wrote:
27 Jan 2020 12:43
Besttrucker498 wrote:
25 Jan 2020 11:04
Would you be developing Peterborough?
That will possibly be my next build project... ;)

Added in 5 minutes 36 seconds:
Eventually, the old vanilla UK cities will be rebuilt. In the meantime, I've been doing some extensive upgrading (assets, textures etc.) on the oldest parts of the UK map to at least make them look more 'up-to-date' :)
Awesome I live in Peterborough so if you need any help with pictures, just let me know
Hi That would be cool as I live in Peterborough too, and also to have the A1 more realistic from london to edinbrugh.


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07 May 2020 00:45

Hi everybody.

First post here, and had ETS2 a little while but only ran on integrated graphics, now splashed out on a NVIDIA 1070 GPU which is excellent and delved into ETS2... looking at getting ProMods on the next release but would like to ask couple queries:

1) Is there a map of the expanded UK map?

2) What content has been added by you guys (and indeed is planned if any) particularly in the North-West? From Blackburn in Lancashire, just off M6 and I noticed the stock ETS2 just has a little bit for Manchester which makes it look like more of an industrial estate than a city! Just curious that's all!

Looking forward to playing the updated release(s)!

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07 May 2020 07:21


here is a map about the areas added by ProMods:

Best regards,
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09 May 2020 07:06

is that in the next few months you will also develop the cornices in angleterre :D :D

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10 May 2020 15:41


I am new to ETS 2 and just have the base game. The base game doesn't seem to have Bristol. I have queried the forums but I wonder if anyone could tell me whether Bristol, UK has been included in any further enhancements.


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10 May 2020 23:26

No we don’t add Bristol.
Add for the general requests - our to-do list here is long, there are still lots of things to be added to the UK but we have only so much time to map so alot will come in good time :D
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13 May 2020 20:33

Would love to see silverstone or any racing circuits to deliver to notice there’s a f1 skin out which looks amazing. Plus delivering to airports

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15 May 2020 03:34

Im just wondering if more welsh towns will be added soon, maybe like Wrexham or similar places?

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