Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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28 Mar 2019 07:55

I don't think that ProMods work secretly, all work is showed here.

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[WIP] Southern France rework
[REL] Mediterranean Map
[WIP] Maghreb Map
[REL] Real European Gas Stations Reloaded for Promods

[FR] Fiches conseille voyage : Route France, Espagne et Maroc on Yabiladi

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28 Mar 2019 08:08

Well, although there is no new country added for next version, but there are some new cities and roads, also with BIG rebuilds that you don't expect. ;)

Anyway, here are some updates. Can you guess what's new in Balkans?





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28 Mar 2019 08:41

Nice :)
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28 Mar 2019 10:53

Whatever it is, I hope the mountainous highways will stay as stunning as it is IRL ;)

Mantap mas !

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28 Mar 2019 11:06

Nice :D

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28 Mar 2019 11:10

Are you really that close to finish line?

And when is Autobahn coming :D :D :D
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28 Mar 2019 11:55

A functional border crossing. Yay!

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28 Mar 2019 16:38

1. picture:
Serbian and Croatian border, E70.
Belgrade - Kneževac, Vidikovac, Straževica.
Belgrade - Petlovo brdo, only cloverleaf interchange on ring road south of Sava river.
2. picture:
As you can see - Tranšped exit, first form Bubanj potok, interchange of ring road and highway through Belgrade.
Near Leskovac, E75.
Near Serbian and Macedonian border, exit to Vranje, E75.
3. picture:
New tunnels near Demir Kapija, recently finished IRL.
Why there isn't highway?
and probably Macedonian and Greece border, E75.
4. picture:
I don't know.
Somewhere on Thessaloniki ring road.
Somewhere on Thessaloniki ring road.
Huge thanks to Septian PJ!
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28 Mar 2019 16:58

Near Kavala Greece

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28 Mar 2019 18:10

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