Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Apr 2019 08:38

nice work, congratulations the team promod, without you the game would not be the same ...

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28 Apr 2019 12:41

2.40 is super,but why on slovenian-croatian and hungarian-croatian border we don t have border control? Croatia is not member of Schengen area.

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28 Apr 2019 13:20

Which borders exactly?
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28 Apr 2019 13:32

@Voytek I think he means:
1.) The border south of Maribor (Slovenia-Croatia)
2.) The border north of Zagreb (Hungary-croatia)
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28 Apr 2019 14:32

Theses borders probably don't have yet the new feature, which is hard to put in place

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28 Apr 2019 18:46

I honestly cannot wait to drive on the Albanian roads. Also, is the mountain roads near Sarandë on the map? Like this ... aranda.jpg
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28 Apr 2019 19:42

isn't Croatia joining Schengen soon? I mean they are in the agreement since 2013 but I think I read something about the border controls being abolished soon. Maybe it is just not worth building them for a soon-to-be border control free country
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29 Apr 2019 19:05

I like Belgrade how it is rebuilt. Very Detailed!! I can't wait til Albania, BH, Montenegro to be added to ProMods. I know that Turkey won't be built for a while but the Greek city of Alexandroupoli is only 6 km from the Turkish border, very close. Kavala is very nice. I like how the border crossings now have border checks like in real life. Istanbul will be be nice to add if you decide to add Turkey. It will also be a nice port for ferry to Cyprus.

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29 Apr 2019 22:05

Will be any updates in Slovenia? looks like that such a beautiful country is forgotten and needs to be updated. It looks quite old and outdated relatively recenty built areas in Serbia And Croatia etc....

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29 Apr 2019 22:23

Do you have plans on adding cities in Serbia? Such as Pancevo, Smederevo, Vrsac, Kralevo, Krusevac, Obrenovac, Sabac, Cacak (Чачак). And Kumanovo in Makedonia.
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