Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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06 Mar 2019 03:04

SCS normally don´t do "bits of countries"? Sorry but this Sentence is completly wrong!
How About France and Italy before the DLC´s? Austria and Hungary were a Long Time only half implemented, just like Norway, Sweden and Finland till today, Ah and dont forget about Russia too.

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06 Mar 2019 10:49

SCS back in 2012 wasn't what is now, they had way less manpower.
Norway and Sweden aren't completed yet due to its size but they already announced that at some point they would like to finish them, same goes for Finland and Russia we all knew from the very beginning that this one won't be finished. Like the 20% of Russia is European, no point on having Vladivostok in a game called Euro Truck Simulator 2.
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06 Mar 2019 11:35

FunTrucker_18 wrote:
06 Mar 2019 01:36
I think if SCS plans to do the Balkans, then they probably do it down to the turkish border, SCS normally don't do "bits of countries" - But we will see. Let's just wait up and see how things emerge!
It's impossible to have 10 countries in one DLC and in 1 years, impossible. They're just going to the north Balkans with 4 countries I think.

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07 Mar 2019 01:02

You never know mate from when they are working on it, or how much it would take to them to release, but i dont think they are so nice to give 10 countryes in a single dlc, lol
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07 Mar 2019 09:33

I mean, just looking at good information, It's easy to know

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08 Mar 2019 11:54

jackalnxt wrote:
24 Feb 2019 11:45
From what I've read, the initials MK and MKD will remain in use, so no need to change them.
Although the signs at the border have been changed to say 'North Macedonia'.

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08 Mar 2019 18:08

Wrong. The new license plates starts with "NMK" or "NM".

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10 Mar 2019 15:40

MK will remain is use but for car plates it will be NM or NMK!

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11 Mar 2019 03:15

Currently the license plates are still MK
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13 Mar 2019 05:34

The old ones. But if you register a car nowadays it's gonna be NM or NMK.
The ISO code and the currency will remain as MK.

For example in Bulgaria the new registrations after 2007 have the EU flag on the plates, but the old ones with the Bulgarian flag are still in use.
The old codes for Sofia were C, CA and they're still in use, but if you register a car nowadays you'll get the CB code.

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