Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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25 Apr 2019 05:28

Great gas station in Albania although expensive €4.82 per US gallon or €1.27 per liter. That's about us$5.38 per gallon. Expensive.

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25 Apr 2019 09:30

Oh, that is not that bad at all, actually!
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25 Apr 2019 17:11

I just wanted to ask, where is Bosnia & Herzegowina?

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25 Apr 2019 17:37

Nothing is finished there yet, so you need to wait for future updates.
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26 Apr 2019 02:58

Maybe it was too late since 2.40 has been released already.
But here are new updates in Serbia as I have promised in previous posts. :)

Now E75 motorway south of Niš has got many improvement. Including two new cities around it. Leskovac and Vranje (I think some of you have been requested them long time ago ;) )



And the capital city of Serbia has been rebuilt a lot.
There are some additional roads you can explore. Although they may not really perfect because of map scale and
little space.


Even some areas surrounding that city have been affected as well.


Oh, a bonus. A hidden place is waiting for you. You should find it while you are entering to Belgrade. ;)

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26 Apr 2019 04:32

Good work!
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03 Oct 2013

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26 Apr 2019 08:42

Belgrade now is very big city.
id777 ;)

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26 Apr 2019 11:21

dclark12553 wrote:
25 Apr 2019 05:28
Great gas station in Albania although expensive €4.82 per US gallon or €1.27 per liter. That's about us$5.38 per gallon. Expensive.
It's not expensive mate. This is the reality in the Balkans. US has a very low prices. Same goes for Russia. 0.6€ per litre or $2.25 per gallon which is still higher than some states in US.

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26 Apr 2019 21:24

Thank you again!
I won't say where are bonus screenshots because I asked for that street.
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