Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

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03 May 2020 14:46

In my opinion they’ll add also more of BiH and maybe some parts of Montenegro and western Serbia. I really want to see Mostar- Sarajevo route in game
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03 May 2020 18:35

yes Sarajevo - M ostar ....
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05 May 2020 17:27

Of course, it is a shame that neither Sarajevo nor Mostar exists. They are the best symbol of Balkans only second to Belgrade. Also I would like to see Kotor, Budva in Montenegro; Shkodër in Albania; Trebinje in Bosnia.

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06 May 2020 17:38

I think there aren’t Sarajevo or Mostar, because these cities weren’t reached yet.
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11 May 2020 10:40

Is there a plan to connect Banja Luka to Šibenik or Split (via Bosanski Petrovac or Glamoč)?

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11 May 2020 17:33

Through Šipovo
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12 May 2020 00:24

Can I ask, what are these semi-circle things for? I feel like this is something that should be intuitively obvious, but I've been unable to figure it out :?


Zeljko Marian
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12 May 2020 00:46

Those semicircles represent the distance between the car in rainy or bad weather
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12 May 2020 04:15

Social distancing with cars! xD Sorry couldn't help it.

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12 May 2020 08:39

The sign reads "U Maglu" and maglu translates to fog in Serbian, it represents how thick the fog is, so for example if you can see just past 1 semicircle, then the speed limit will be something like 30km/h, however this is very rare especially in the north. If you can see 2 semicircles the limit will be higher, and so on
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