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20 Feb 2020 18:16

Audi1merc2 wrote:
07 Feb 2020 22:55
Dejf94 wrote:
07 Feb 2020 21:25
There is absolutely no problem with Jazzycat's AI packs on Promods map, except Cyprus. Although there is Cyprus country folder in his pack (added because of Promods) in def/country, these definitions don't work on Cyprus and all traffic from his pack is driving here together on spawn density 1. I bet he did not made any mistake, as he has all country folders correctly working in Promods map, except this one.
You could just copy the "traffic.jazzycat_ai.sii" from Greece onto Cyprus...
This wouldn't work. He has set accurate spawn rates for Cyprus, and nothing changes while modifiing them, because the traffic stays the same, all cars from his pack driving at once. This is not about numbers of density, it's about compatibility. And because I did not find anything what might cause this in his pack, I am asking here where might be problem.

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ScuL wrote:
08 Feb 2020 04:07
to be fair I'm not quite sure why are asking about Jazzycat definitions in a ProMods development topic..
My answer is kinda in my reaction above this one. I bet Platypus is able to try it and can see into Promods files, what causes incompability of Jazzy's pack in this country (please...), because we can't get into Promods files afaik. Game log is empty, does not give any solution or source of the problem and all pack settings are working in any other country then Cyprus. Jazzy's AI is one of the most commonly used mods, and I bet many many players struggle to visit beautiful Cyprus because of this.

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21 Feb 2020 01:57

ProMods def files are free to open for investigation
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08 Mar 2020 16:34

Will Paralimni ever be added?
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08 Mar 2020 17:28

I think there´s no room for Paralimni
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09 Mar 2020 19:04

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Paralimni is about 35 km from Larnaka. It is indeed small, but it is just the same distance as between Cologne and Dusseldorf. And the distance between Ajaccio and Porto Veccio is about 24 km. So, if we take into account that the map is in 1:19 scale, and RL time from Larnaka to Paralimni is 44 min., then you'll be in Paralimni in about 2 RL minutes. There's just barely enough room for Paralimni to fit. After all, it is the only large city (10.000+ pop.) of Famagusta province that is still free. Since we can't add the North for obvious reasons, we still add the free part of Famagusta province (The province, not the city :lol: ).
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09 Mar 2020 19:13


No addional cities are planned in Cyprus, sorry. Please also take in count that, because of 1/19 scale, cities take more place than in real.
Cyprus could however receive some refresh later, mainly by replacing the old rocks, this in funtion of time I'll have. Anyway, don't expect this in coming version.



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