Development on version 2.x (France Merge)

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20 Aug 2017 14:51

The problem is not only how many people lives in the areas, it is also the size of those urban areas. The density per square km is interesting. That's why I said to take a look at google map with a sat view. And to complete my statement there is a link about urban areas in EU. ... pean_Union

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20 Aug 2017 15:05

brainiac wrote:
20 Aug 2017 14:18
Wow, I didn't know that.
I want to extend Moscow, but I don't have skills.
I checked internet. Second is London or Ruhr, depend of measure function, and third is Paris.
Depends if you take the urban area or the metropolitan region, but yes, London and Rhur are comparable to Paris.

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20 Aug 2017 15:10

Wait, if Ruhr is considered one urban area, does the same count for de Randstad? (I know this is very off topic, sorry about that)

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20 Aug 2017 15:17

Well, it's actually worse.

The 'Randstad' is quite more green and far less urban then the 'Ruhr gebiet' is.

Now, let's get back to France.
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20 Aug 2017 17:50

Roudou wrote:
20 Aug 2017 14:16
You should take a look at Google map with a satellite view :roll:
I'm a foreigner from a completely different continent and hemisphere, how else do I know ? All of the things I said more or less comes from that. Paris conurbation is big, but it's the same size as London (and if you consider that a lot of things in SE England marks themselves as "London", it's even more unvelievably vast). And the ring road isn't much bigger diameter-wise than Berlin's BAB 10. In game it's rendered waay bigger than both of those things - that's unfair, unless you want most of France to be Paris, then go on, make it so. IMO it'd be better if we can have things marked as Versailles or Saint-Denis or Evry or somesuch, much like ProMods have added Croydon to London.

In other news, what could we expect in the next ProMods France ? Are therr any autoroute rebuilt or interchange rebuilt ?

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21 Aug 2017 12:53

Viva la France will be to need some work, primarily sign

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21 Aug 2017 22:59

So does Norway. Because you brought it up ... signage is one of SCS's weak points even in the areas which are otherwise well done. I don't think it requires really that much time for the Promods team to bring it up to their standards but for me it makes a huge difference. I think it's pretty obvious in-game where Promods touched signage and where they didn't. So I definitely agree with that point.

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21 Aug 2017 23:16

SCS makes simple signage that looks only a bit like the real one. As you know, they don't include all cities on their signs - only cities that are present in the game. We try to make 100% real signs, with all their mess in some countries.
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21 Aug 2017 23:51

Even adding the mistakes that some signage has makes me feel ambivalent, because it's wrong, but I can't report it because it's wrong in real life :D
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23 Aug 2017 19:00

In what version of ProMods will be extended Pau Will there be any small town next to Pau?

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