Development on version 2.x (France Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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04 Feb 2019 18:40

MG Mike wrote:
04 Feb 2019 16:51
So I have a tour from Verona to Zaragoza actually.. Best opportunity for using the A8 in France..

And I am already in Spain. The ride along the coast in Italia, France was awesome. Unfortunately the Area with the mountains and many tunnels and seaside is too fast over. But I know it is because of the little scale.. At such things you can realise how small this 1:19 scale is.

Is this route completely made by SCS or is there work from Promods in there?
After, the problem of the A8 is for me, like the rest of France, unrealistic. The road between Genoa and Nice is amazing, but the road between Nice and Marseille is pretty average. And I do not even mention the A9 which is much worse and unrealistic. Only the gas stations are well done, but the rest is bad for me. I mean, it's completely unrealistic to actually do Marseille - Montpellier with A7 and A9, completely unrealistic. Normally, you make Marseille - Montpellier directly by the A54 and a part of A9, the exchanger of Orange does not normally allow to make a Marseille - Montpellier by the A7 and the A9. The A9 between Narbonne, Perpignan and the Spanish border, made by ProMods, is for me very realistic compared in SCS work.

Nice plan Noah! I hope it will be great. Mulhouse misses too much in France :)

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04 Feb 2019 18:43

Noah_Lukas, good luck to you :)

EdgeGladiator, maybe Scale.... has something to do with it.
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05 Feb 2019 00:32

good plan, also waiting for Monaco in Promods
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05 Feb 2019 13:08

Looks like a nice plan, but I do have my doubts though on the Muhlhaus area. Hopefully the 1:19 scale doesn't trick you that much there. One thing is for sure, that area is in desperate need of rebuild, especially the junctions so nice to see these kind of rebuilding projects being planned!

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05 Feb 2019 16:25

Nice to see some news for France development !

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08 Feb 2019 18:23

"Haguenau" why not but add "Saverne" would be better. In the long run it would also be good to have national roads between Alsace to Lorraine (from Strasbourg, Colmar and Saverne). Add Nancy would be good and so build the N4 between Nancy and Strasbourg via Saverne. From Colmar it would be either the Col du Bonhomme or the tunnel of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. And a little road beetween Colmar and Freiburg im Breisgau. Hoping that it will be possible given the scale. Add Belfort would be good also ;)
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08 Feb 2019 18:42

Thanks for your suggestions. I will keep Saverne and corresponding national roads in that area in mind. Nancy is too far for now but it will be a thing for the future.
And a little road beetween Colmar and Freiburg im Breisgau.
This won't be possible because the planned space there is already fully occupied. Freiburg i.B. will be accessible by B3 via Offenburg then. (Further development isn't planned there.)
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19 Feb 2019 11:23

MG Mike wrote:
05 Feb 2019 14:05

I agree with Shiva, I think It is cause of the scale..
We have a similar situation in North germany. The A31 does not lead directly into the Netherlands like it does now in the game. IRL it turns in South direction an leads to Oberhausen. There are some exits that are leading into the Netherlands. But the A31 itself leads southwards und crosses The A30 which leads into the Netherlands and becomes A1.

If you want to have it realistic in the game the A31 should be rebuilt to Oberhausen and you have to built a very short A280 which is leading from the A31 to the Dutch border..

Perhaps some one does it in the future, perhaps not. We will see. But it is a similar example to the A7 and A9 situation. I think they made it because of the little space there.
Anyway the landscape there is well done. I enjoyed the ride there much..
Hello, and sorry to answer late. I fully understand what you say, but I think things would be better done, especially on the A7-A9 sector. There are for me the space to do that :


Others area with the same problem :



After good if a mapper wants to do it ...

MG Mike
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19 Feb 2019 11:30

ah ok.. yeah that could eventually be done. But that is up to the mappers...

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19 Feb 2019 12:39

Not bad, EdgeGladiator. Thumbs up.
In Paris, west side, is that Bd Périphérique or A86? The latter has stright height restictrions on some parts.
Montpelier-Mariseille A54-N113-A55 route. I think your route has the wrong connection to A9. Area Ambrussum North is in game, right? A9/A54 should be north of it.
This 1 more correct.
Alternative small road, here. Would have to be compressed a LOT tho.
If using IKEA Montpelier interchange.

Yes, the map has more roads than ca be added. And improved.

I would be interested on seeing your proposed routes on google maps.
Nothing wrong with that, right moderators etc?
Monaco 2011 Route. Traffic map.
Possible ETS2 route 1 and/or 2?

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