Development on version 2.x (France Merge)

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23 Feb 2020 14:49

Indeed, this is a very critical question and maybe too political, but could it be possible to add the fences near the motorway leading to the ferry port and just to leave out the refugee camps and all the stuff around it?
But nevertheless I think that Calais and especially the road network around the city including A16 and N216 leading to the ferry port have to rebuilt from scratch. The question is, if the Eurotunnel or the port should be expanded like on the british side on the channel and if there is place to rebuild both?

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23 Feb 2020 22:26

I hope one day someone makes a promods political sensitivity add-on, but that is the answer I expected.

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24 Feb 2020 13:34


1.) there is already one, Middle-East add-on: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30006
2.) If you want to have it, you can make it on your own ;)

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25 Mar 2020 17:00

I've found a bug in france, every 90 sign actually means 80.

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26 Mar 2020 09:52

It is 90 for cars, 80 for trucks.
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26 Mar 2020 12:15

As far as I know, the speed limit on secondary and national roads for cars in France was changed from 90km/h to 80km/h, which caused a lot of backlash. But I think it is now up to the local government to keep the 80km/h speed limit, or revert back to 90km/h (for example, the Haute-Marne département reverted to 90km/h this year).
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04 Apr 2020 09:25

True, but signs of 80 on highways don't exist. But they do in ETS2 through vanilla. I already highlighted this mistake months ago, but maybe this time someone can take them away. They're unrealistic.

Signs with 80 however do exist on normal roads. The easiest would be to just drop them from the game and keep it at 90 for transparency's sake.
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