Development on version 2.x (France Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Sep 2018 23:31

EdgeGladiator wrote:
07 Sep 2018 18:42
I still hope for the return of the cities here with new assets. After most members of the forum did not care and did not like ProMods France so complaining now is useless.
Well, I am 1 of those that does like SCS France DLC. But! ProMods France had good things too.
Some of those were put back in southern France.

Every mapper, doing work on very old or totally new parts of Europe map in ETS2, has to know that someday SCS will do their own version on that area.
I prefer new DLC's and updates, compared if SCS company dead.

And some of the ProMods mappers have found work at SCS.
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01 Oct 2018 13:14

Hi, I started trying to build the RN11 and the RN248, also to redo the A10 / A837 and the RD137 between the exit of Usseau on the RN11 and the A83 toll (For those who do not see not what I'm talking about, there's Google Maps, you just have to find the routes in question). The mapping software, I still have trouble taking it in hand, it will take time because I have other occupations. After that, I think to create the RN10 between Poitiers and Bordeaux given the number of trucks that benefit it is free for the same distance course as the A10. Eventually, I will be able to offer this for download but nothing is done yet, I will say more when I have managed to do something drinkable.

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01 Oct 2018 17:06

If you want to map things on your side and share with the community
Do not hesitate to apply here if you have a real project
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22 Oct 2018 15:46

Hello, I noticed since the last version that the ECO gas stations have been replaced (TOTAL), it may be a detail but it's really top :) like the signs "obligation turn left" on the highway exit, unless I'm wrong. 8-)

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27 Oct 2018 22:50

@Shive I think that is why Italy looks the way it does. The makers of France etc found jobs and put what they know into Italy.
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30 Dec 2018 21:05

Hello, I think that has been already request here, but I wonder if you have somes future development plans in France, as with A1, the reconstruction of the old parts of France or the addition of city in the DLC? I find that France with the DLC is cool but something's really miss, especially around the north for example when the A1 is still not there.

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30 Dec 2018 22:53

Unfortunately, since there is no development in France, I am afraid that there is no real project in the future (unless if a developer comes and say the opposite). Maybe in a distant future, but I think it will have nothing in the near future.

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18 Jan 2019 22:27

The friend Kutchek we really miss a lot, for his map of France with its small towns, and it's many small details that I loved so much.

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18 Jan 2019 23:10

Yes, you speak to me from the heart. Kutchek is missing very much.
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19 Jan 2019 10:43

Yes, his work and his exceptional mapping miss me a lot :cry:

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