Development on version 2.x (France Merge)

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30 Jun 2019 21:07

The current tunnel is the Frejus Tunnel and not the Mount Blanc Tunnel

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04 Jul 2019 14:10

Not sure if it has been mentioned or not (95 pages is a lot), but the road signs with a Vmax of 80 on the highways (not normal roads mind you) that have been placed in quite recently (Version 2.40) are incorrect.

That should be 90, not 80. The new Vmax of 80 only is for normal roads, not highways of 2x2's.
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07 Jul 2019 12:00

marcor730 wrote:
30 Jun 2019 21:07
The current tunnel is the Frejus Tunnel and not the Mount Blanc Tunnel
I am not so knowledgeable about its name, but I passed under it few years ago, and it looked different.

It would be nice if the entrance could be changed in game, as it is definitely not a generic tunnel. I am surprised that SCS did not do it, at least in Italy DLC?

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07 Jul 2019 12:46

I'm not really surprised me, SCS only has "rework" old parts of France (and Italy maybe) from the base map, no rebuild has been done.

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08 Aug 2019 13:46

Strange situation at Calais, hi guys, every time i get to Calais i'm suppised that you have to stop on the A16 on a roundabout ?
The real A 16 enteres France at Veurne and then goes all the way, past Calais and Boulogne to Le Havre.
Are there anny plans to tweek that particulair area arround Calais ?

Kind Regards and Love the work big time!

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08 Aug 2019 15:00

That's a provisional road until someone reworks the area

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19 Aug 2019 18:17

I share your pain and would love to see it upgraded
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04 Sep 2019 01:34

EdgeGladiator wrote:
09 May 2019 07:17
No, because SCS will do Corsica
Okay. Just to remind ourselves.

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15 Sep 2019 11:47

Are you planning the Dunkerque?

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01 Dec 2019 01:19

Hey, I really love France and their road system. I usually drive towards Spain in real life. The thing that makes me sad though is that the A1 which enters France at Villeneuve d'Asc (A23/E17) with end at the Peripherique at Paris (Porte de Chapelle), aka the famous Autoroute du Nord is not included yet. I would love to help you guys out but I dont know how to start mapping stuff. I know the route on the top of my head, also with the names of the different Aires, e.g. Aire du Wancourt-Est and the Vilage Etape just north of CDG Airport.

Would love to help you guys out!

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