Development on version 2.x (Poland Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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08 Dec 2019 16:53

Częstochowa (normal city or only scenery) is it in the plan?

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08 Dec 2019 16:57

rebeljasper wrote:
08 Dec 2019 16:29
sup, does anyone know when a 2.34 comes out?
I believe the correct answer is that it's ready when it's ready :lol:
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09 Dec 2019 17:48

Somewhere in Central Poland...

Haven't posted for a long time... so here's a teaser! If no one will guess the location I'll give you more tips ;)

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09 Dec 2019 18:10

S5? Or S10 near Torun? (ik its too flat...)
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22 Dec 2019 09:19

S5 or S10. it reminds me so, Give me more Work on Poland?
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23 Dec 2019 22:03

This is from the Zakopane, where motor vehicles are not allowed beyond a certain point:

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29 Dec 2019 14:00

I got question about city of Radom, we think about rebulid roads and add new S7??
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02 Jan 2020 16:08

Okay, guys, I'm surprised

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02 Jan 2020 16:37

Can you report this to the bug report sub-forum ? : (with coordinates)

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02 Jan 2020 16:47

Mod Conflict.
Yesterday I was there and I had No issues
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