Development on version 2.x (Iceland Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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29 Apr 2017 17:57

plykkegaard wrote:Some inspiration :P
This company is active mostly in Seyðisfjörður, where we don't heave logistics company, Hafnarfjörður which would require total RVK rebuild and Þorlákshöfn that is currently not planned, so for now I'll stay with Samskip and Eimskip ;)
brainiac wrote:Can someone show me it on picture?
Basically you have to make 90deg turn uphill behind that Krónan building, all on reverse. It's tight but for experienced driver it shouldn't be too hard.

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02 May 2017 07:37

As long as they allow autoparking I'll love them even though I'll give up after ten minutes :D

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02 May 2017 09:02

I let players to play the game how they want to, so auto park will be available on all my new custom prefab :) In this case it will activate a little late as slope next to the shop didn't let me to put bigger collision on prefab (prefab collision box activates auto park).

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02 May 2017 09:23

Abraxas wrote:Thank you for all your kind words.
First screenshot from Vestmannaeyjar. They love puffins so much that they replaced some zebras with puffin feet :) Here you can also see new company Krónan with one of the most annoying delivery points :P

real place -> ... 1&jh=304.6
Thats good when it is annoying! :D

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02 May 2017 09:41

In case you don't follow our Facebook page, here is something special (click the image for awesomeness):


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02 May 2017 09:55

Please more screenshots this type! :D
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02 May 2017 10:05

very nice! thank you behind hard work! ;)

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02 May 2017 15:34

Like Owen Wilson says: "Whoa..."
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02 May 2017 16:21

Abraxas wrote:This company is active mostly in Seyðisfjörður, where we don't heave logistics company
Can be delivered from the harbour in some distant future :)
Oh well probably no space for it :D

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02 May 2017 22:27

A petition should be started to make all screenshots like the type above :lol:
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