[On hold] Development on version 2.x (Iceland Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
Starfruit 017
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23 Dec 2015 23:02

I predict a release in 2 hours.
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23 Dec 2015 23:05

Seriously guys,I'm hyped too,but we really should get back to topic. :P

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23 Dec 2015 23:06

How do you know that? We are now getting more nervous because of you :D

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23 Dec 2015 23:28

Release is imminent but not today ...
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23 Dec 2015 23:34

That might mean christmas time :D

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24 Dec 2015 00:08

Im starting to think that too Marcin :P .

Anyway Iceland is just fantastic, with its gravel and snow. You guys really have outdone yourselves!
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Michael Rosen
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24 Dec 2015 00:41

I predict a release in 32 years! i mean houres!
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24 Dec 2015 00:58

Just by seeing the YouTube teaser, I kinda like the rebuilt Torshavn more than Reykjavik hands down among the two North Atlantic capital cities. And 2.0 has not even been released yet.

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24 Dec 2015 01:11

Reykjavik got an upgrade but I wouldn't call it rebuild. More significant changes were made in Keflavik, Vik, Borgarnes, Selfoss (scenic), Seydisfjordur (half upgraded half rebuild) and Reydarfjordur. Fellabaer (scenic) and Blonduos were totally rebuild from scratch. Add to that Hólmavik and Akranes which are brand new. Well, Blonduos after rebuild features some companies so it should count as new city too :)

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24 Dec 2015 02:13

Nice job Abraxas! :D

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