Development on version 2.x (Baltics merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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18 Apr 2019 11:30

Indeed, the Estonian/Latvian border crossing at Veclaicence is an off-licence as well, although it's just shown as an empty building on the DLC map. Repurposed crossings would be a great feature to add across the ProMods world.
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18 Apr 2019 11:30

id777 wrote:
18 Apr 2019 07:42
No, I can't do mapping as well as Promods team.
Wish Promods could make more in Baltic region as much as possible.
asilas wrote:
17 Apr 2019 20:47
i hoppe somebody rebuilds baltic boarders to good quallity
I am always thankful for the comments under mine or others' works, but these frequent questions that were answered in the past are becoming irritating - Yes, we will do more stuff in Baltic States, particularly in Lithuania; We might or might not work on border crossings in the Baltics, because they are good enough as it is. Thank you.
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18 Apr 2019 16:28

OK, to put an end on this entire discussion whether we should rebuild stuff in the Baltics, I have only two words to say:


And don't ask about future plans, because there are no concrete plans we have for the area, and we probably won't have any for quite a long time.
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25 Apr 2019 02:40

Why did not the islands of Estonia return? :cry:

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25 Apr 2019 02:49

They could have returned if you wanted to wait 3 more months, at some point we need to bring out a release. It is possible that they will return in the future but it takes time.
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25 Apr 2019 10:34

Too bad there are no ways to play Promods 2.4 using the former PM Baltic Map.

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25 Apr 2019 10:48

You can play ProMods 2.33 :)

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25 Apr 2019 10:53

BTW, i didn't delete Promods 2.33) If I will miss Promods Baltics i will return it.
id777 ;)

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25 Apr 2019 16:06

I will wait for them to return as they explore other areas of this wonderful map ;) :D

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26 Apr 2019 00:16

Hi guys.
Are you going to put the garage back in at Ventspils, at any stage?


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