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28 Jul 2019 20:57

cipinho wrote:
28 Jul 2019 16:37
... the values from map_data makes the entire map shifting so I use the default ProMods map file ...
If you follow carefully the instructions by placing Mid-East on top, you'll have no shifting and there's no need to change anything ;)
See here for more info : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30006&start=30
yqdfy wrote:
28 Jul 2019 16:12
Hello, can't the gate between Israel and Lebanon be opened?
Israel/Lebanon border is closed in real, so it's closed in game. You've to go via Larnaka (what should be even not possible in real)
PerrydPelle wrote:
28 Jul 2019 11:21
I hope for a extension to Saudi Arabia! But we’ll see.
You can at least expect a large extension of Jordan ;)


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28 Jul 2019 21:17

Going from Israel to Lebanon by Larnanka is be possible in real, but not by truck from Israel, by car or another mean of transport it’s possible if you have „clean passport” (not having in passport any signs confirming presence in Israel)

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28 Jul 2019 23:31

is Dubai planned?

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29 Jul 2019 02:52

I think that's possible one day when it's connected to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Of course I don't know when it will be. The single answer as always is "It will be ready when it's ready." :)
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29 Jul 2019 11:15

Today I tried this addon for the first time. The feel of the middle east is very well captured, well done! One point of critic though, I know until 2017 SCS and Promods used a lot of 'placeholder rocks to fill some gaps in landscaping. But with today's mapping tools those are not necessary anymore. I removed them in the older SCS/Promods area but I'm surprised to see them on a relatively new map. They are very unrealistic and also have a different color. When you remove this placeholder rocks or use a more accurate rock formation the immersion is real!

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29 Jul 2019 13:20

Many thanks for this new addition guys, very much appreciated.

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29 Jul 2019 15:19

has someone experienced some frame rate drops in Beirut?

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29 Jul 2019 15:42

In road 51? Yes, we are aware of it.
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29 Jul 2019 15:56

Well for one I have enjoyed every part of the map that has just been produced, as reading from the OP post as what not to say, I would just like to make one comment that I hope does not upset anyone, if it does then I am very sorry but I just would like to add my content in here.

It's very simple really, why did you not include The Egyptian pyramids???

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29 Jul 2019 16:15

Pyramids are only West of Cairo.
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