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Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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31 Jul 2019 01:10

I flew over the map today (i'm trying to get there by truck also but i just entered austria xD) and i have to say i'm very impressed. It was worth waiting for a map with soooo many details. It will be worth waiting even longer for more of the region. Have fun building on :)
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01 Aug 2019 12:27

Platypus Hi
promods-me-defmap-v241.scs \ def \ country \ lebanon \ traffic.promods.sii ?????
Incorrect format is traffic_storage_police.mideast.sii file name \ def \ country \ lebanon \ traffic.mideast.sii should be set the same

accessory_chassis_data :
model: "/vehicle/ai/mideast/road/mondeo_2009/ai_police.pmd"
lods[]: "/vehicle/ai/mideast/road/mondeo_2009/lod_police.pmd"
lods[]: "/vehicle/ai/mideast/road/mondeo_2009/lod2_police.pmd"
collision: "/vehicle/ai/mideast/road/mondeo_2009/ai_police.pmc"
shadow_texture: "/vehicle/ai/share/shadow_occlusion.tobj"
shadow_intensity: 1.2

variant: ru ????? Invalid format
variant: default
You can fix the problem after changing

look: westbank

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01 Aug 2019 12:53

It’s best to go to suppourt areas for this ;)
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01 Aug 2019 14:58

How about a traffic pack for this area? Old cars, exotic models and weird vehicles. Cmon, it should be interesting :D

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01 Aug 2019 15:37

any ideas what might be the problem because i have just installed middle-east add-on and it's configured correctly to my profile and when i try to open my map the game crashes

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01 Aug 2019 16:19


Mate, no one can help you with that kind of information. If you really
want help, then please post your FULL game log here, so people have
a chance to see what's wrong!

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01 Aug 2019 16:49

ok thanks

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01 Aug 2019 19:55

Very good. How will be with Syria? It's planned to the next version?
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01 Aug 2019 21:48

Just drove into this for the first time today and I have to say that what I've seen of it (Lebanon) looks great.

With regards to the checkpoints you go through, will they look a bit more militaristic in later versions? The real world ones have men (and women) with assault rifles from a quick Google Search. The current models are just Generic Toll Guys?

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02 Aug 2019 17:43

Has anybody made a map background, colored or satellite, for the Middle East add-on yet? Because this changes the map centering in map_data.sii, all previous Promods compatible backgrounds are off-center. For the time being, I just changed the map centering back to the original Promods values, but it's not the ideal solution here.

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