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03 Jan 2020 07:35

As a Turkish person I can say that YKSRSK isn't a realistic map. Bad. I believe, Platypus will make a better map than yks
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03 Jan 2020 09:46

Please keep discussions like how good/bad YKSRSK is out of the development topics.
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04 Jan 2020 23:29

iagokmen wrote:
03 Jan 2020 01:40
All is good but there is a huge gap called Anatolia.If you are so much into making the middle east but ignore Turkey at least you could make only one road passing from İstanbul - Ankara - Adana - Gaziantep and reach to the border of Syria so we players wouldn't have to play the most dummiest map ever (YKSRSK). Just saying...
Platypus already stated that he has plans to build Istanbul-Ankara-Adana-Hatay-Syria corridor...
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06 Jan 2020 18:32

Since the ideas are coming straight away to build the coridor Syria - Ankara - Istanbul .... Maybe I would give you one alternative until it get's completed.
Instead of doing the road through whole Anatolia region to reach Ankara and it's ring road ... In city Mersin (TR) there is a RoRo (roll-on, roll-off) / ferry terminal connection to italian ports. And I believe there is also a link to Istanbul for it. This is VERY common route for lots of trucks from this part of the country. Those RoRo ships have links to many italian and even french ports.
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07 Jan 2020 01:22

tantalus wrote:
03 Jan 2020 00:30
This mod is really enjoyable to drive, it should, but im finding terrible performance issues in most cities (Specially Tel Aviv) to the point that right now i avoid driving through there when i can. Are there any plans to rework some cities or optiimze them? i really would like to enjoy this mod.
Ya, I had the same experience too. When driving in this map, there's a lot of Error and mainly about Ford Mondeo police car.
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07 Jan 2020 09:28


the errors about the police cars will be fixed in the next full release of this mod.

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11 Jan 2020 18:15

Instead of remodelling, there might be also the chance to change those police cars to some real ones like I posted :D But depends on you, it's just a wish. (Maybe from more people than me, heh.)

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18 Jan 2020 09:06

Hello there, I am new to promods. btw the map is great and I have a question, Do i need any dlc required for this Middle-East addon?

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18 Jan 2020 09:19

You need Promods for this add-on to work and Promods requires all dlcs except Road to the Black sea.

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18 Jan 2020 10:49

Хочу добавить комент о карте турции.Граница с грузией вылет и граница от софии в турцию вылет причем на всех версиях турции и я так понимаю что это всех устраивает.Мое личное мнение об этой карте никакое так как ошибки и баги разработчики не исправляют.Да и карту промодс не скачать первый файл распаковки выдает ошибку о неисправности файла.


I want to add comment about the map of Turkey. The border with Georgia departs and the border from Sofia to Turkey departs on all versions of Turkey, and as I understand it, that suits everyone. My personal opinion about this card is none since the developers do not fix errors and bugs. Yes, and the Promods card does not download the first unpacking file gives an error about the file malfunction.
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