Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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25 Mar 2020 12:39

Nice teaser, I love it
so beautiful :)

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27 Mar 2020 17:39

Many thanks for using Chevrolet Avalanche as Iraq police car! I really hoped it will not be that Mondeo, and it's not, fortunately :D Super and realistic choice! And I can't wait for the release, the video looked really promising :)

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27 Mar 2020 20:20

I think most of the Middle East uses Chevy Trucks as police cars.

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27 Mar 2020 23:00

The UAE doesn't... but they're a bit too far east for this map at present.

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28 Mar 2020 20:06

Platypus wrote:
20 Mar 2020 18:22

Gallipoli (Gelibolu in Turkish) is far off the direct road to link Mid-East to main map.
So, here is the road I plan actually (green is first step, orange next ones ...) :

Please note well that it DOES'NT signify it will be the only road in Turkey.
Simply, I'm working alone on this project and Turkey is a too big country for only one developer ;)
So, I limit my self to this road, with maybe some small side extensions like Kapadokya.

For the rest, let see what the team will do in the future, but I don't know actually the plans for this area.
If some new project is started, it will be published on the forum.

hi will the city of Kırklareli be when you start the project?

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29 Mar 2020 01:53

is it true that Haql will be included?

Ps. I found information about it on some YouTube video.
id777 ;)

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03 Apr 2020 15:36

Does this mod require main promods mod?

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03 Apr 2020 15:37

No. 4 forum spammer

No Support via PM!!

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04 Apr 2020 08:25

Platypus wrote:
23 Feb 2020 00:09

Work progresses well and map will soon begin to be tested ... But don't ask for release date ;-)
So, here three pictures of Jordan :
Kortez wrote:
17 Feb 2020 09:26
... In my opinion, there should be some suburbs between high buildings in city centers and open landscape in the form of low buildings, houses, shops, gas stations ...
No, sorry. As you say yourself, there's the 1/19 scale and I have no place to make cities greater with suburbs ...
cjh2705 wrote:
19 Feb 2020 07:32
... I don't know if this is really a religious landmark, but is it possible to put a landmark on a map like this or not because of a map structure problem?
Which landmark ? Sorry, I don't understand what you want to say ...

Hey dude,
I am sorry for being kinda picky,
But one of the signs it says "الرويشيد" while it should be "الرويشد".

I know its kinda hard to read arabic but juat wanted to point that out.

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05 Apr 2020 13:14

Hello everybody ;)

For those of you that have'nt see it, ScuL drove today across the Mid-East add-on on Youtube

Time is now to show the last city and country ... See at 1:27:50 ;)



Promods and Middle-East add-on developer

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