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17 Nov 2019 01:08

So great map! I have a question, will it work on Promods multiplayer?

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17 Nov 2019 09:48

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17 Nov 2019 12:18

Teurov wrote:
16 Nov 2019 22:45
Great pictures as always! I have a question, do you plan to build Syrian coast after the DLC is released?
I don't think the DLC will change the plans in syria very much, as the DLC only contains the European part of Turkey. the distance form istanbul to the syrian border is more than 1000 km. turkey is a big country. It will take long before a road connection is made.

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17 Nov 2019 20:32

That is not my question, my question is that will Syria get started to be built after DLC releases or will it be a long term planned area.
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17 Nov 2019 20:55

Syria should not be built. It is an area that has too much civil strife going on. There is no need to bring that conflict into a trucking sim. I obviously can't tell Platypus what to do but this is the same reason why we have agreed to stay away from other areas.
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17 Nov 2019 22:20

Syria's only East side is in the war, the West side is no war. Daily life goes on, things go on. Transport continues with trucks, roads open. In my opinion, only Western Syria can be added, but it would be nice to add all of Syria.

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18 Nov 2019 00:23

As it stands our position is to not include Syria at all, but things could change based on the real life situation.
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18 Nov 2019 16:33

As far as I know, Iraq is considered good enough to build. A road connection via Iraq to the Turkish border is possible.

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18 Nov 2019 22:13

שלום ,

Today, I have three new pictures for Israel, with the city of Tiberias along the Sea of Galilee, a great fresh water lake, about 200 m below main sea level.
Tiberias1.jpg (189.25 KiB) Viewed 676 times
Tiberias2.jpg (140.33 KiB) Viewed 676 times
Tiberias3.jpg (113 KiB) Viewed 676 times
Also, about the other questions I have read :

- Syria : some parts could come soon of late, depending the real situation in the country. Anyway, the coastal road is not a priority, because, to be useful,
it would require a long road across Turkey (about 1000 km) to be built to reach Istanbul. I could anyway investigate this later, but not now.
A road between Beirut and Amman, passing through Damascus can be more expected.

- Iraq : Horizon built only a small part of Iraq. I will of course include it but this country will not be developped furthermore
So, a road to it via Turkey is absolutely out of scope. It's an enormous detour which is going through Mossul, one of the worst place during the war.



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18 Nov 2019 22:49

Nice screenshots, thanks for Your work!
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