Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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26 Jul 2019 16:46

You probably have the YKSRSK def&map in SCS file format, right click on the file and extract files to your mod folder, what you need to adjust can be found here! ... &start=400
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26 Jul 2019 17:07

It kinda works now with the map combo. But an official fix is on the way!

PS: Man, map combos just get bigger and bigger everyday. How much more if both Scandinavia map add-on and Poland Rebuilding will finally be updated? Hehehe
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26 Jul 2019 17:23

Hello, I have just downloaded the Middle East addon FROM the addon Link you give but something as gone wrong which I'm hoping someone can help with. I clicked the ME addon link but it downloaded the Promods 2.41 instead which i paid the 1euro for but NO Middle East so I did this again and the same thing happend Ive never had any problems in the past with any of the maps or trailer packs. Please help if you can.

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26 Jul 2019 17:26

You have to click on the correct link in the 2nd step of the download process. Not the ProMods one, but the ME one, it only cost 0,50 € not 1 €
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26 Jul 2019 17:53

There's no need to remove the Mersin-Lemesos ferry route at all, it doesn't have any conflict with the ME ferry routes.

The only ferry route you should remove from Turkey's defmap file, is between Izmir and Thessaloniki. Otherwise, you won't have a ferry line between Turkey and Cyprus.

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26 Jul 2019 17:56


Correct, just to get it working I overdid the removal!

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26 Jul 2019 18:04

danielko wrote:
26 Jul 2019 16:37
And how do I adjust the def & map file?
1. Find the YKSRSK 18defmap[1.35].sci file, open it with winrar.
2. In the archive you've just opened, open the def directory, then "ferry" directory and then "connection" directory.
3. In the "connection" directory, delete the file "Izmir-Thessaloniki" and the file "Thessaloniki-Izmir".
4. Go back to the "connection" directory and delete "Izmir" file.
5. Go back to def directory, open the ferry.tur.sci file with notepad and delete the line "@include "ferry/izmir.sii"" and save the changes.

In the game, reload the YKSRSK defmap file, load the ME mod right above PM and you're good to go.

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26 Jul 2019 18:09


Nice tutorial mate. Thank you for that! :D

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26 Jul 2019 18:37

Fix for warnings about Izmir ferry and crash with YKSRSK 1.8: ... ebi6ZS2MOb
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26 Jul 2019 20:35

Now that the add-on has been released, to everyone who hasn't downloaded it yet, in my honest opinion I really enjoyed and had a lot of fun while testing. I'm sure you'll like it too.
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