Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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28 Apr 2020 23:46

I don't understand why some people always try to reopen subjects that were already deeply discussed in the past ? It makes me tired ...

As said many times : North Cyprus will not be developped, in Mid-East addon or not. Period. Discussion closed, thank you.
Same answer for Kosovo, Golan Heights, Gaza, ... except if the situation changes in the real life.

Also, please avoid to discuss from other add-ons here. There's a special topic for that : viewforum.php?f=42

Thanks for comprehension.


Promods and Middle-East add-on developer

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29 Apr 2020 14:19

Just did some deliveries in the region, I must say you did a really great job with the addon as for me it makes the game feel different with the checkpoints, deserts, side road shacks, etc.
Looking forward for future updates and new additions on the addon.

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02 May 2020 15:45

2:50 Did you update will be added to the city from turkey

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02 May 2020 16:54

Oğuzhan, not yet. But i think they already build the Syria - Turkey border gates. And Hatay, İskenderun, Adana and Mersin will be created. After that they are gonna make the Aksaray - Ankara - Bolu to İstanbul part. So be ready to drive from Çukurova through inner Anatolia to Marmara :)

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15 May 2020 21:28

Not sure if this is the place to report bugs. ...

Doing a delivery in Beirut. GPS said to take a left coming in from the west on hwy 30. Map shows a road there. But there's a cop blocking it... I figure it's a random event so I go around the cop. NOPE. I slammed into an invisible wall! ... GPS was clearly saying to turn there, and it shows the road on the map. Should not be routed through impassible roads.

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16 May 2020 13:57

Hey platypus
Just wanted to say thanks, I'm Lebanese but I've never been to Lebanon in real life so being able to go there in the game atleast is awesome :)
Good luck with further development! 👍

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17 May 2020 19:01

Is Anatolian Turkey going to be part of core ProMods or Middle East Add-On?

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17 May 2020 19:05

I think they are planning in the future to connect middle east to Istanbul with a road through central turkey. i don’t know if they are planning expanding that out or just a straight road. not positive though, what do i know? 😁

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18 May 2020 16:37

erkinalp wrote:
17 May 2020 19:01
Is Anatolian Turkey going to be part of core ProMods or Middle East Add-On?
Middle East Add-On for sure.

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18 May 2020 21:52

Probably Add-on.

I hope Playtpus's works going well, if it is, we are very curious about it. :)

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