Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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15 Mar 2020 10:05

Looking forward to next version (2.45). These mods are King! Exiting times ahead!
Thanks for your hard work!

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15 Mar 2020 11:17

Can’t wait for update
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15 Mar 2020 11:31

I'm checking for the update several times a day. The most anticipated update for me :)

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15 Mar 2020 11:56

Veliki_Miki wrote:
15 Mar 2020 09:56
How is it going after 3 months?

In fact, I am not a moderator of developer, just a normal ETS2 fan like you, but I remember that one of developers(or moderators) said, "Promods 2.45 version is now under beta-testing." few days ago.

It seems the merge is almost finished, but there may be some extra works that developers must do before the release. (To be honest, I do not know well about whole progress of the merge but it seems quite complicated.)

Moreover, ATS started its 1.37 open-beta recently, and ETS2 will start its 1.37 beta after ATS open-beta finishes, so upcoming 1.37 official update might be an obstacle for Promods team who is about to release 2.45 version.

Maybe Promods team wants to release 2.45 version as soon as possible, and we all wants to play it right now.

However, only TIME knows the date of release. It is sad but I think we have to accept it. :(
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15 Mar 2020 12:05

You'll see. A big respect for all the developers who were able to start and finish the project. Also a great thank you to all the beta testers who put their effort in making this version poor of bugs.

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15 Mar 2020 12:58

The beta usually takes a while too, as there are hundreds sometimes even thousands of bugs to fix ;)
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15 Mar 2020 14:25

Probably best to just wait for 1.37 to be released. That guarantees all the time in the world for the beta testers to remove all bugs.

On that note, can we get a confirmation that the missing cities like Vidin will be re-added to the game?

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15 Mar 2020 17:02

Yes, Vidin is re-added, and all old prefabs, signs and vegetation have been replaced.

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15 Mar 2020 20:13

Great about Vidin re-added to the next version but I see somebody on Wombat called Bogdac saying Promods 2.45 come tomorrow, Wombat says probably.
For me, I would say when it's ready.
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15 Mar 2020 22:09

Ticreut29 wrote:
15 Mar 2020 20:13
but I see somebody on Wombat called Bogdac saying Promods 2.45 come tomorrow, Wombat says probably.
For me, I would say when it's ready.
Am I supposed to know that guy?! :lol: :?
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